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Breath of Fire (1993) review
by seanfucious

Breath of Fire is an SNES RPG from when the genre was just learning how to exist.  It’s classic JRPG fare in many ways, from leveling up, different items and attributes, a large cast, and a chosen hero.  The music and sprites are both well done.  I enjoyed the gameplay.  The battle system was intuitive, and required strategy wary on.  However, due to the simplistic nature of the game and how overpowered the cast becomes (even at early levels,) it just feels there is so much waste.

There are whole areas with barely any activity, characters that needed stories to be relevant, many, many items that never get used, lots of weapons not worth equipping, and a really weak ending in terms of both story AND gameplay.  The whole ending is conquered by a single power being repetitiously used.  

This is a good game though, for an early era RPG.  I’ve heard nothing but good recommendations for the sequel which is also on the Nintendo Switch SNES emulator.  
Ísak Agnarsson
Great game i just recently played for the first time, easily one of the best rpg's ive ever played