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Devotion review
by Laura

(Spoiler warning.) 

This was one of the most difficult games I ever played. Not because it was hard, but because of the subject matter. It's a game that offers an unflinching critique of Chinese culture, from gender roles, to parents' lofty expectations of their children, to the stigmatization of mental illness, and to blind spiritual faith, with some truly disturbing moments. The game can be legitimately triggering to some players (there's one moment where you have to mutilate yourself in first person), but if you can handle it, the game is worth playing at least once. It's beautiful and provocative and heartbreaking all at once. 

If you end up p*r*ting it, be sure to buy it if it ever comes out officially, and be sure to buy other products from Red Candle Games (including the magnificent Detention) to show your support. Censorship of art is never okay, especially if the art has something important to say and is being blocked because of an inconsequential background Easter Egg. 
«Beaten more than once»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Having played the Game in the Stream today, I have to say that the Game convinced me a lot. The Textures are bombastic and overall the Graphics can really convince. The Story is also very nice, but the Tension decreases over Time, which I think is a great pity. The Only Drawback is the Performance. I have an i7-9700k (overclocked), rtx 2080 and 16GB of DDR4 and the Game has buckled at highest graphics settings during the Stream. Despite Graphic Settings on "Medium," the Textures are ok and also appealing.
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Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free Devotion-review One of the great virtues of RedCandle Games ' work rests on its exceptional narrative. Far from falling into the monotony of the Walking Simulator, it takes the audacity to introduce unusual interactive moments, something similar to what we have seen in titles like What remains of Edith Finch. The plot revolves around the experiences of a family of artists in the mid 1980s in Taiwan, and under these terms, Devotion is inspired by Asian culture and folklore to expose a somewhat delicate story about beliefs, and how this , affects them at different stages of their life. To Go into more details would spoil certain surprises that this chilling proposal Devotion can come to remember Visage or the extinct P.T. because it develops under similar conditions, a department. What could be considered as a closed scenario, but that anger suffering certain partial changes. However, this does not make it a strictly linear game, at least during its beginnings. The first bars are very well achieved with a downright oppressive atmosphere and an enviable versatility to represent your story. The Jump-Scare are minimal and tries to free themselves of these concepts to transmit a more natural terror. Psychic pain. Scenarios that are altered in real time. People who don't exist or maybe if? Just as it happened with Silent Hill or Observing. It'S time to move on and start a new chapter in the world of Survival Horror. Devotion allows you to dream and imagine a better future with Devotion. The study has improved many of its techniques, especially what narrative refers to with shocking and brilliant moments. In Terms of gameplay he borrows ideas from other greats of the genre and uses them efficiently to create an unconventional, but classic-flavored play cycle. The independent scene begins on 2019 with the right foot and Red Candle Games leads us to explore the darkest corners of belief in another mind-boggling adventure. A Must-have for all lovers of terror. Positive Points * A story that is followed with interest. * Great atmosphere. * Progression in its first stages. * The Sound section is very well achieved. * Visually has stunning moments. * Native Support for ultra-panoramic resolutions. Negative Points * A Spanish translation Is missing. * The final stretch feels somewhat hasty. To read the complete analysis proceed to the following link: PC Indie Master Race []
I started playing by a friends recommendation and I really didn't knew what to expect. At first I was caught by the plot of being a terror game on a taiwanese home, which is pretty interesting because there is this notion of gigantic cities and very small places that looks like dirty to live, which creates a great suffocation feeling and I wasn't disappointed, got anxious for most of the game.

But from the half part to the end I as totally astonished by the graphics and the collor palletes. The way the plot thickens and how it is developed is really well made and kept curious the whole time. Still, I guess I need to play it again, because I quite didn't understand the ending lel
«Blew my mind»
«Liked before it became a hit»