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Prodeus review
by João Carvalho

I didn't play original DOOM, as I was occupied being born and stuff, but I imagine that this is what it felt like back then. Non stop shooting. If you like DOOM, give this a try. A campaign of around 4h.
«Sit back and relax»

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It’s funny playing an old school shooter that’s meant to bring nostalgia for an era that’s before my time. I never played the old doom games or any shooters of this style. I have no nostalgia for this style of game. The opening two missions weren’t bad though. I do kind of like the style. I love how excessiving bloody it is. The splatter is ridiculous in a fun way. Gameplay is fine so far. 

I like the different guns. They feel good and play differently. This is a decent retro shooter. My biggest complaint right now is it takes too long to gather enough Ore to unlock new upgrades/guns. I like just going through the levels rather than spending a bunch of time searching for all the secrets areas but because of that I’ve only unlocked 1 gun and no abilities in the first like 8 or 9 missions. It feels slow and at this rate I think I’m going to beat the game with only like half of the unlocks. They probably want you to replay each mission a few times because it’s technically early access and they want extra replay ability but I’m not doing that.

I’ve finished about 3/4 of the campaign but I’m getting bored now so I’m done. The new guns and abilities come in way too slow. Experimenting with new guns was fun at first but now it’s all the same guns and enemies for too many missions in a row. The gameplay is fun ish but not good enough to warrant anymore time. Ends a low B.

Final Score: B