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Never Alone review
by Laura

The cultural insights are interesting and the Foxtales DLC was actually good (cute story with a genuinely scary antagonist) but wow the base game was genuinely frustrating and way too short. The movement is so slow and the controls are really clunky; having to constantly switch between characters (rather than be able to control them simultaneously) was annoying and bogs the gameplay down. It's less of a problem in the Foxtales DC, which is focused more on puzzles and is slower-paced, but in the main game, with so many enemies that you have to watch out for and platforms that will fall apart if you're not quick enough, it's a bit of an issue. 

If you want to support Indigenous creators go ahead and give it a try, but otherwise go play Raji: An Ancient Epic for an indie game about a lesser known pantheon, or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for a game that masterfully tells a story with gameplay that actually lets you control two characters at once. 
«Buggy as hell»

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The game is often very cute, and can pluck the heart strings here and there, but the gameplay is nothing to write home about, and bugs make it a real challenge to play fluidly.
«Buggy as hell»
The gaming world needs more of these gems that take the gaming genre beyond its often misjudged limits.

Quality values on top of a fun local co-op mechanic.

More of these please.
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The Game is already a whole While out, but I have only now managed to finish it. Shame on me, it's totally awesome. : 3 A great Story, not for a particularly long time, about a Girl and her Fox Friend who want to find the Origin of a very strong Snowstorm together. Between in there are a few Opponents to conquer, but no longer run like a bit and throw the Bola. The DLC also contains a small Story or adventure that is definitely worth it once you finish the Game. What I really liked about this Game, though, is the Cultural Views. One finds owls again and again in the Chapters, which then shines out small Short Stories about the Iñupiat in Alaska and their Traditions. Really very well done. Definitely recommended. : 3
Unusual setting and storytelling about people from Alaska, but as a game it is not so good: too primitive and poor controls