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Castlevania Anniversary Collection review
by Luke Irvin

Okay, so firstly, this is only my personal rating based on my tastes. I recognize the fact that these are hailed as some of the finest games ever made. That being said, I absolutely did not enjoy these. The only one I did like was the second one, which is supposedly one of the worst ones because of how it diverted from the original formula. I do *not* enjoy games that are extremely difficult. Some people enjoy the challenge, and that's fine, but I game to escape and to relax and enjoy new experiences. I am not a hardcore gamer and I recognize that. I will definitely not be playing these again. I beat the first and second and most of the third before I just decided I was done. The save state feature is nice for people like me, but it's just not enough for me. Also the fact that FPS drops on my beast of a PC is pretty sad.