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Slain: Back from Hell review
by MtnDewXtremeDoritos

This one took a lot of heat from a poor initial launch. Trust me when I say they have gone through everything with a fine tooth comb creating an extremely entertaining game. It's a must for anybody looking to scratch that Castlevania SOTN itch.
«Blew my mind»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Sad. It looks so hilly and gives away a lot of Potential. But the Control is terribly slow, it is almost impossible to evade and the Opponents endure so much that you can fight yourself almost only through Cheese. Partly unfair Memory Points are an additional Nuisance. It's hard, but not in a satisfying Way like that with Darksouls, for example. At Darksouls I have the Feeling at any time to be sipped away only by my own Inadequacies, this Game Frustrates you by insufficient Agility of the Main Character and delayed Reactions to Inputs. Dying in Games doesn't have to be fruitful if, like Hotline Miami, they still create a Flow-feel. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen at all with this Game. Everything feels like Work, too bad and the grandiose Pixeoptics and the cool Soundtrack.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
As an old NES and Sega Mega Drive veteran, I am always happy about good retro platformers. "Slain!" Was very reminiscent of "Actraiser" at the Time of the SNES and is-for the friends of this Gernese-graphically very appealing, the gaudy metal soundtrack fits very well with the gloomy atmosphere and the moderate Degree of difficulty offers a real Challenge. Unfortunately, however, I have to say that the negative Points still predominate at the moment. The salted Difficulty Level mentioned above (not adjustable) sometimes causes frustration quickly. The Checkpopints are set fairly, but you always have to play through the whole Level. Otherwise, with a Reboot of the Game, all the Progress is gone. That can fot quickly if you have a Spot where you don't get on partout. I would also have liked to see more Settings in the Options menu. So far, you can only adjust the Volume of Music and Sound, which brings me right to the next Sticking Point: The Sound seems a bit unbalanced to me. When Music and SFX are immediately silent, you almost only get to listen to the Music And also it seems as if you have saved on Sound effects and Ambient sounds. The Soundscape therefore comes a little lean. Next Point Of view is the Lack of a Tutorial Or at least an Explanation of what there is for Operating Options, even a Setting Option for the same I miss (probably this is more designed for Joypad Players). Nevertheless, it cost me some Attempts to find out what is possible (E.g. blocking). I hope that various Points in the Future will still be fixed, because "Slain!" Has quite potential, but at this Time I have to say, unfortunately, that it does not even come close to a "Axiom Verge," for example. That's why I have to-while-give a Thumbs-down. I say, unfortunately, because the Game would not have deserved that if a few small Criticisms had made the Game "Axiom Verge" Quite equal ...