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Borderlands 2 review
by Julian Mitchell-Israel

Overall: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Story: 4/10
Music: 8/10

Good game! Really fun mechanics with great replay value. Play it for that, though, not the story. They manage to leach just enough emotional impact out of the characters to make it worth finishing the story but not enough that it ever really hits home. Investing you more heavily in a few, more important NPCs that you develop a relationship with might have helped that. But then again, never what the game was trying to excel at. The outside lord (non-story) is decent, and sets a good atmosphere, but gets repetitive after a while. Similarly, the enemies you can fight, by the end, feel quite similar. If you’re playing right, there’s an optimal strategy for each PC, and once you have it down, you can just run through the game doing the same move set on most enemies. Even slagging becomes fairly irrelevant by late game, especially for big bosses. Their attempts to spice it up involve usually adding armor or resistance, or making a specific spot vulnerable. This adds more annoyance than strategy, however. Still, the actual “gun-feel,” if you will, is excellent, and it remains a great game especially in co-op. In fact, I’d say that’s where it shines, as playing with friends lends a whole new level of strategy to how you stack your skills and play styles together. Last thing, the gun generation system is great, BUT being able to progress with guns you like a lot (pay for an upgrade) would make it even better as there’s little to no incentive to do anything other than farm a few bosses until you get the best gun for your level and stick with it for a while until it simply is unusable. Overall, good game, great for it’s time, the story is lacking but still well worth a play through for the mechanics.
«Sit back and relax»
«Better with friends»

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good as hell
«Can’t stop playing»
Played this with the homies. It was fun. I like Gaige. 
«Better with friends»
Worst game I've EVER played from this company. The special powers absolutely suck, what's considered a "trivial" mission will have you killed no less than 5 times on average, and you cannot buy rocket launcher ammunition in most places. Overall it is absolute crap!!
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
fun game, but with a preteen's sense of humour. i'm personally not a fan of level-based combat, but that's forgiveable
Replayed the 4k version of Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 holds up well. The combat is still fluid and fun. The constant gun upgrades are very fun and I like the quests.

Final Score: A-
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"Positive," "Negative"-Review Positive:-Matching Vote-synchronization of characters-Good, Humorous and Good design in the Characters-graphics of Effects, Partiles and Textures greatly improved, a lot of items (Weapons, signs, expensive Items (over 10 million weapons thanks to random item generation (theoretically, infinite numbers!) (Source []) Interesantes And beautifully built LEVEL Design-The Music matches PERFEKT to the Design, Gameplay and landscape and leads to very authentic, atmospheric Game moments-Super game as CO-OP with Friends (Side Missions make e.t.c) or with Irdifferent Random people (Don't care, it's sorg for many extra hours of play!)-Long Game time (Many Side Quests and Game possibilities)-Many Opponent types that even change from playing Style and thus bring more Variety-Multiple combat Variations available, which Even extra Variety still brings to feel-part still old Borderlands feeling (The music and the Artowrk E.g.) -Good And interesting Storyline (Building the Story/Story)-Many Eastereggs and hidden Tasks (An example would be probably the most famous Easteregg: The Minecraft Easteregg) freedom (Sanbox) (select an action, E.g., go to B or go to A, you can always anywhere Wherever you want, with the Teleportist Station)-Many Improvements for the first Part (the above for the most part)-Necklace and helpful Community (in co-op and also on Youtube or here in Steam (if Questions or Help with a Mission E.g.) Cons:-Something Rarer but still quite boring Side quests available (For those who really want a lot of play hours) vehicle control with the Mouse, very much in need of getting used, but also a Change Conclusion: Good, graphical and gameplay technically improved Successor of Borderlands 1, with a good Story, perfect music, lots of Play hours and (very) few negative ones (to list anything negative at all!) Aspects! Clear Buy recommendation.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Borderlands 2 is a Game revered and hated by many. I have gained a lot of Experience through my Playing Time and have now come to your Conclusion to give my Opinion on this Masterpiece. It is quite clear Opinion On how to record this Game. First of all, I tell you something about the Story: The Story is weak but good in my Eyes. You have a very good Villain Named Handsome Jack who tries to Kill or deceive you from the beginning. As a chamber Hunter who is out for and Success, one denies a Journey through the Pandora which has become a Victim of Exploitation. You always have something to do if they are Missions or you can explore new Areas. Sogut like any exceptional Opponent has a certain lootpool with special items such as Skin Adjustments or Legendarys.However, the Legendarys and rare items are difficult to get and take a lot of time to claim. So If you like to farm an Opponent for a long time in order to get something special, there will be a living out of your Activities and farms until the Doctor comes. You should definitely enjoy the Game with Friends Sun-Sonst it could get Boring after some Time as it is designed for coop and the Difficulty level with several by a lot Of Climbs and you can get better loot. You will be Later if you do not know how to levelt your char well or if you can simply use a real beginner is a good Supporter or a simple Fellow Player. To the Dlcs: The big story DLCS ARE all a nice extra to the actual Game. Especially the Tiny Tina dlc is with spacing the best, funniest and most beautiful dlc of all. It was Worth it to me to buy the Headhunter Packs even if they are not Worth Money to many. Convinced yourself and last but not least the Skin adjustments. They are clearly unnecessary and expensive. If you want them, it's best to wait for a Sale and hope until they're on Offer. There's also Op 8 where you can unlock more Difficulty levels in Ulitimate Vault Hunter Mode. The levelcap Dlcs are worthwhile if you want to level your Character further. Just Convince yourself and try the Game! I hope I can help you a little bit. Your Evil
«Blew my mind»
«Better with friends»