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The Way of Life Free Edition review
by Julian Mitchell-Israel

Overall: 2/10
Gameplay: 1/10
Story: 3/10
Music: Unremarkable/10

Simply, a boring, strangely short game. Nothing of note. Not that it is terrible in any particular way, but I feel I may have spent my time better simply sitting and staring at a wall for all I got out of it. It is buggy in parts, the story is lackluster and nondescript (almost nothing happens and if it was trying for an artsy, make-you-think vibe it simply didn’t have enough content to ever get there), and the mechanics are... walking.
«Waste of time»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review The Way of Life. I'm honest that was with the shortest game I've ever played. 5 Mins. It took longer to write this Review. But fun aside and analyze all the more precisely: Meanwhile, the Real gamer (that is, not people who only follow the Trend like COD but people who have already pulled a lot of Other Games) who are games are a Medium. You can compare it to a Book. Some are sophisticated, others blunt and others encourage reflection. But Games can also be like an Interactive Painting or even someone himself Portraits. The Way of Life can be described as a Painting. Even if it is short, you can still do what the Developer wants to do. Starting with The Normal Mature man who works in the Profession and who is trapped in Trist and everyday Life. He sees his Environment grey, hectic and his Gaze Is only to the Destination place, his Office can be seen in the fact that The Surroundings are so empty that the only attention is to the Great Klotze where people flock out. And you have to fight your Way through the Stream. The Next Chapter deals with being old. You can see that the View here is clouded, so also the Coordination leaves to wish a kind of simulated Tremor. Progress is slow while the Environment remains hectic. Also, Endurance is no longer the same as it was then, which is why you have to take a break after the first Crossing on a Bench. Depressing is the fact that you agonise through the Traffic only to join the other Mourning Forms. The Kid, however, sees this Crossing as a Kind of Game. It Should be mentioned that there is a Candy Stand next to the Office. The Child tries to cross the Zebra Strips hopping and thereby dodge the nimble Dragon, who want to dissuade him from the Path. Here, the World is bright. From the Zebra Strip becomes a Suspension bridge that leads over molten rock (i.e. lava). After you have managed to hop your Goal to the Candy Kingdom (Stand), the Game is over. 3 People. One and the same Place. The Child who tries to see his Environment as a Kind of Game, the Businessman who tries to reach his Destination in Everyday life and the Old Man who has to stand up to the Environment with his Infirmity. Even if it's short, it's still worth playing. It should be mentioned in the Early Stages. The Developers want to add more Places similar to the Principle of Crussing. Of course, some can't do anything with it because for them a Game usually just has to be a Game. But for those who know that Games are also art and they usually have a deeper sense that not only has to do with Graphics, those can rejoice when the Game was developed in the End. To make this felt, I recommend people download the Game (which really eats a lot of memory because I can say and write 52 MB!!! get the second Hard Drive!) and show their interest in this Game. It has Potential even if it is really very short in the Format of a demo version. Personally, I am excited to see what the Game looks like in The End and I am also happy to throw Something into Donating Döschen when I realize that it has Potential.