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Shelter 2 review
by Julian Mitchell-Israel

Overall: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Story: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Music: 7/10

A subtle game. You play the mother of a family of Lynxes attempting to raise her pups in an unforgiving and unfriendly environment. Do not be fooled, however. This is not an animal simulator. It is not simply running around as a cat for the sake of being a cat. This is a story. It is a subtle story who’s plot points are not dramatic and which will not leave you with some great musings on humanity, but will simply leave you with a profound peace and with some strange ethereal feeling. It is a slow game, and shouldn’t be played by those looking for an action packed, story-driven adventure. It is a game about life itself. The mechanics are quite fun and never feel old, and the game moves you, so long as you play at a decent pace, through its beautiful world without ever feeling stagnant. Speaking of, the art style in this game is absolutely magnificent. Just watching a trailer for it you should be able to get a feel for why it feels so magical. The entire experience gives the player the feeling of walking through a strange forest in a dream, but never wanting to wake up for all its natural beauty. Overall, a truly poignant game that, especially given how cheap it is, is well worth a play. 
«Sit back and relax»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So instead of saying something about the Game what it can do and how well it implements it, I will describe here my first Run of Shelter 2 (Who does not want to read this, since it can also contain something like Spoilers, can read on from the Conclusion). It started with the pregnant lynx mother having to flee wolves. Since this only happened in a Hose Level, thankfully it was easy. Then I followed the Stars to find a Shelter. When I reached the big Tree it really started. You can give your 4 Protégés their own Names, but I left habs as I didn't want to emotionally bind myself to them (didn't work out). In the Beginning the 4 are still so small and have to stay under Construction ie I had to go off alone and find what to eat. Luckily Bunnies were close but by my Inexperience in the Game I needed several Tries to catch one. After I managed to catch a few and feed the Little ones with it they became big enough that they could accompany me. Together we went bunny hunting, but we also found an Owl in the tree a Nest was. After a short shake, the 4 then had their Scrambled eggs. After some Time came a Shock Moment: One of the little Raconers collapsed and has been moaning. The bunny Hunt to reignie him was exhausting, because I still wasn't that good at it and I didn't want to leave the little one alone for so long. When this was fortunately done and the little one survived, he was even bigger than his Siblings, but the Whole thing was more stressful than I liked. After a short Period of time, the 4 were larger and could hunt for themselves. When we were at the River, on the one hand, they could tip Frogs and sip Eggs, but also disappear into Rocks ... So restart the Game Stand. Since there were enough Rabbits there and my Babies were no longer that went quite well, especially as I got better myself. Then it became Autumn and there came what had to come. The Furios Four has to go its own Way. At first I was shocked because the 4 suddenly stopped even though I went on. When I was far enough everyone was doing their own Thing, but I couldn't let them go and had to turn back. Since I did not find them again I returned to the Tree where the 4 were born and then I was alone there. Another Installment followed the Stars. When I found another Lynx at the other End, the Game was over and there came the End Credits. Conclusion: I certainly neither saw everything nor experienced everything you can experience in Shelter 2, but the first thing I was about playing through was just about getting the 4 Through and I managed to do this, despite the Heartbreak at The End ... * schnief * and No I didn't cry. Despite the vlt just 1 1/2 h Of play, the €14.99h is justified, because Gameplay, Emotionality, Atmosphere and re-playing with one of its 4 former Protégés make the Game worthy of its Prize. The Graphics are so intentional But don't seem to everyone, but I still give the Game a 9.5/10 because I haven't been so emotionally gripped since my Favorite Game, Ŵkami.