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Battleborn review
by AssassinGlasgow

Look, I was all aboard the Battleborn train from Day 1. I was in the closed beta and played copious amounts of it, and I was there purchasing it on launch day alongside DOOM (2016).

I love this game. It's a great game, with lots of unique flair to it. It can get a little crazy at times and a little complex, but overall I really enjoyed my time with this game. It scratched an itch that I couldn't get from other games at the time: alongside a PvP mode, there was a PvE mode that was great. The writing was charming, and the character designs were incredibly varied and felt lively for the amount of playable characters on the roster.

But now that the servers are essentially closing, and the game itself is already dead to begin with...I can't recommend this game. As much as I want it to survive, it is done. And all we can do is write a eulogy to it, and hope that the character that this game brought survives elsewhere in a luckier game.
«Disappointment of the year»

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One of the best multiplayer games I've played. Coop Mode Battleborn offers an entertaining story mode that you can play cooperatively with up to 4 Players. 8 story missions, each lasting about 40 minutes. The Missions are incredibly varied and play on 4 different Planets, each with a unique Style. You compete against a Variety of Mini-bosses and Bosses who come up with funny Sayings. Multiplayer The Heart of Battelborn, however, is clearly the competitive Multiplayer (PvP, Player versus Player), where two Teams compete on different Maps and in different game modes. There are currently 3 game modes to Choose from: Meltdown Surge (Incursion) Capture The most popular Mode is Incursion, followed by Meltdown and Capture. Incursion offers the popular MOBA fare: Each Team has two Guards that need to be destroyed. In order to achieve this Goal, the Team should accompany So-called Minions (or "Minions") to the enemy Guardians. The Minions can disable the Guardian's Shields In a matter Of seconds, then Inflict damage on it. Meltdown takes a completely different Approach. Here, the Opponents are not in the Foreground, but the Minions of the opposing Team. The Goal is to collect 500 Points as a Team. Points are obtained by Minions, which you have to lead to a Shredder. In the same Way, however, one should prevent the Opponent from doing the same. Capture is the fastest Mode. The Goal is to take and hold as many of the 3 Points on the Card as possible. For every point taken, the Team gets Points. The Team that reaches 1000 Points first wins. The Maps are very varied and beautifully designed in all three Modes. Heroes Momentan Can be played 28 Heroes. 2 more will be added in the next Few months. The Heroes are basically divided into 4 Factions, which, however, plays only a Minimal role. Only the Faction of the "Eldrid" has the Ability to heal itself, but has to do without shields (however, there is always the Possibility to activate weak Shields through Items during the Course Of the game). Every Hero is a small design masterpiece and you can see the Passion with which the Developers have gone to Work. Each Hero has a Set of unique Sayings that are reproduced depending on the Situation. Sometimes even when one particular Hero meets another. As in other Games, each Hero has a specific Role to which it is tailored: Melaserician, Long-distance fighter, support, healer, Etc. Logically, the greatest Success is achieved with a balanced Team. Tips For Beginners, Battleborn can be quite fruitful. Definitely recommended Are friends to play with. New Entrants should start with story mode to familiarize themselves with the different Heroes and their Abilities. Unfortunately, the tutorial mission offers little Information for Beginners. That's why it's worth reading into the Matter [] and dealing with the Game a bit more intensely.