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Spiritfarer review
by ohnomoroo

Never been more happy to cry.

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I flip flopped on this game a lot but ultimately decided that I love it. Yes the gameplay can be a little mundane and repetitive but the relationship you form with the characters and the way it approaches dying make it exceptional in my opinion. 
the game is very cozy but gets emotional in between. This is my first long game as i spent around 38 hours to finish the game. There are a bit boring times but as a whole package this is the best game i played in my limited time playing games. The OST is super and gets in the feels as intended . The  Animations are great and look very stunning. The story was well written  and the effort is visible. The side quests are not rewarding so stopped doing them mid way. some uncertainites can be clarified only through internet as it is not quite clear on some occassions on what to do ? or Where to find?
This is a must try game. It is a inventory management game on its core which I would have not liked if not for the story. Give it a try.
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
Progapanga progre e inclusiva atacando a la industria.
«Ugly as my life»