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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales review
by Watashama

Including Miles into the Spidey universe is a masterstroke from this studio. Miles is the perfect answer to the older Peter Parker that the game created in the first entry. This entry really captures the young, scrappy feeling of a teen who has too many spinning plates in his life.

The game exists in this strange middle-place between our current NYC and futuristic NYC that is full of military tech. The plot pacing moved a little too fast when the Tinkerer all of a sudden has anti-grav boots and is better at fighting than Miles. Besides the leaps in world believability that is required, the tech of the Underground was really innovative and cleverly designed.

The relationship between Miles, Phin, Prowler, and Roxxon creates a pretty standard and obvious plot that doesn’t pack the same surprises that the first game did. Having said that the end is full of some pretty incredible cinematic moments and fight scenes that are thrilling and go a long way to make Miles such a standout character. The street level stuff with Miles helping out a small bodega, a deaf street artist, and all the stuff at the Morales family apartment were fantastic. The game went really deep in building out the culture and vibe of Miles’ life, and how his experience is unique to Parkers.

The character models are not good for a PS5 game and the voice cast is pretty lackluster besides the actor who plays Miles. They are really going for that MCU style snarky humor but it just doesn’t land.

The gameplay tutorials come fast, but the new powers from Miles add a great element to the move-set. Having an open-world that is immediately fully accessible and not locked at all behind enemies or artificial barriers creates an awesome world that is very difficult to not want to keep exploring. Thank goodness there aren’t tile puzzles or any Mary Jane sneaking sequences that killed the pacing in the first game.

Overall a great experience that benefited from the shorter run time.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»

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Great game, I've only faced some little bugs that didn't ruin the overall experience
«That ending!»
A less interesting, less inspired reskin of the previous game... which is still pretty cool because it's Spider-Man and you get to swing around and stuff.

Biggest downgrade comes from the introduction of a pink-haired podcastrix who reminds her audience to DRINK WATER :) while epically freaking owning J. Jonah Jameson for doing misinformation about Spider-Man. Another blow against the very idea of comedy.

First black Spider-Man and they made him the shrillest, softest dork imaginable. Sad!
This game was tons of fun. Great combat and it's always fun to swing around as Spider-Man. My only complaint is that the game was a little short. But still great! 
Better than the first one, and I also felt like this was a better representation of NYC. Loved the focus on Harlem; also cool how every main character isn’t white. Except the villain, who knowably endangers a largely diverse neighborhood for profit. “He sees us as disposable,” says Miles. Gameplay was just as fun, great costumes. More content than expected, about half the gameplay time as the first one but it was perfect for me since I just played the original. Great game.
Really great game, improved almost every aspect of the original. Great short, well-paced, and emotional story. Incredible intro to the capabilities of the PS5.
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
The price may be a little over for playtime. But the game is as incredible as the first one. Compelling history and exceptional gameplay. Only downside is the game main history time.