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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales review
by Watashama

Including Miles into the Spidey universe is a masterstroke from this studio. Miles is the perfect answer to the older Peter Parker that the game created in the first entry. This entry really captures the young, scrappy feeling of a teen who has too many spinning plates in his life.

The game exists in this strange middle-place between our current NYC and futuristic NYC that is full of military tech. The plot pacing moved a little too fast when the Tinkerer all of a sudden has anti-grav boots and is better at fighting than Miles. Besides the leaps in world believability that is required, the tech of the Underground was really innovative and cleverly designed.

The relationship between Miles, Phin, Prowler, and Roxxon creates a pretty standard and obvious plot that doesn’t pack the same surprises that the first game did. Having said that the end is full of some pretty incredible cinematic moments and fight scenes that are thrilling and go a long way to make Miles such a standout character. The street level stuff with Miles helping out a small bodega, a deaf street artist, and all the stuff at the Morales family apartment were fantastic. The game went really deep in building out the culture and vibe of Miles’ life, and how his experience is unique to Parkers.

The character models are not good for a PS5 game and the voice cast is pretty lackluster besides the actor who plays Miles. They are really going for that MCU style snarky humor but it just doesn’t land.

The gameplay tutorials come fast, but the new powers from Miles add a great element to the move-set. Having an open-world that is immediately fully accessible and not locked at all behind enemies or artificial barriers creates an awesome world that is very difficult to not want to keep exploring. Thank goodness there aren’t tile puzzles or any Mary Jane sneaking sequences that killed the pacing in the first game.

Overall a great experience that benefited from the shorter run time.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»

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I was not expecting to love this game, since the first one was a bit mediocre to me. I mean, it was a good game, but nothing special. Now, for some reason, I loved this one. Because of that, I'll replay Spider-Man 1 just to know if the problem was me.

First of all, that's probably the best-looking game I've ever played. And this is awesome since I played it on an RTX 2060. High settings, 4K Ultrawide, and HDR: OMG, it is really impressive. The face model's detail, the scenario with all that snow, the vibrant colors, the incredible night visuals, and, of course, the photography. That mix of things made this game a must-play for HDR lovers. That's one of the best games out there to test your new TV/Hardware. And talking about it... This game has good optimization. 4K ultrawide + DLSS Quality is flawless. Upscale in this game looks almost as native res. 

Gameplay-wise, I liked the new implementation. Those Miles' Powers have some crazy impact. You feel strong and versatile. Since the game's duration is short, you will unlikely get bored. Also, props to the choreography team. The finishes looked amazing.

Unfortunately, the story is not that good. Fortunately, it is short, so you don't really think about it as much as you should. But that's one of the same reasons why it is mediocre. There's not much time for development. Feels rushed, honestly. That's sad because the end was pretty good, at least technically. It just lacked substance to shine properly.

But anyway, I had fun here. I do recommend it, mostly to 21:9 enjoyers. Hyped for Spider-Man 2 now.
«That ending!»
Short, but enough to keep me satisfied. 
It wasn't very interesting but is worth playing. Is a repetitive game.
I really enjoyed the game, they really nailed a fun gameplay loop along with traversal mechanics. I did find this one more difficult as far as how much damage you take but I think that's because of the emphasis on the Venom abilities as well as the stealth. The story is engaging enough and how personal it ends up being to Miles makes it even better. I like the direction they are going with both Spider-Men teaming up.
I mean it’s more Spider-Man. It feels very similar to the first Spider-Man game, which isn’t a bad thing. Venom and camouflage adds a bit of a change but there are also less gadgets so idk. It isn’t really an improvement. More of a minor lateral change. Swinging around the city is still a lot of fun and the combat is great, especially once you really get the flow going. The story seems fine to start but not that interesting, similar to how I felt about the first one. 

I think I like the suits a bit more on average in this one. Once again the animated suit is one of my favourites. The story is no improvement. It might even be worse.

Beat the game. I’m disappointed with the boss fights. We got a recycled boss fight with rhino, a quick and easy prowler fight and then a final boss fight against the tinkerer, who I really didn’t like overall. Phin was a lame character, but the final ending sequence was not bad.

Miles Morales is still a great game but it doesn’t reach the same levels as Spider-Man 2018 because it’s all the same stuff.

Final Score: A-
I like the side of Miles trying to build up his reputation as his own Spider-Man (though Miles moving to Harlem so they don't have to develop a Brooklyn map is imo kinda transparent) and using the FNSM app lets them move the game away from an Assassin's Creed knock-off to its own thing a bit more. But between the callback boss fights (Rhino and Vulture mainly) and contriving Fisk and his outposts back in there, it relies a bit too much in the weakest parts of the original when it could have formed its own identity. And it already did! Prowler and Phin, the issues of race and gentrification, Miles's unique powers - no need to lean so hard on Peter's story when Miles's is there and already works.
Repetitve... doesn't really bring anything new but the graphics are pretty.
First of all, yeah, it's really short. Does it make it worse? - Yeah, just because u want to play it much more!
Game of the year fs. 
Gameplay is amazing, never got bored during this one. 
Story is cool, coudre been better, but still. 
MUST TO PLAY. The best thing I've played on ps5 yet. 
Spider-Cat <3

Insomniac has never made a bad game