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skate. review
by Notly

 This is not just a skateboarding simulator, it's an atmosphere, it's a lifestyle, it's a city that you immerse yourself into. I started with Skate 2 but the first part remains my favorite.


 Unlike many other skateboarding games, in Skate, you need to accurately and delicately reproduce the movements of a skateboarder using analog sticks. This can be challenging for beginners, but after some practice, you start to truly enjoy this process


 Skate brilliantly conveys the sensation of real skateboarding. The developers have paid a lot of attention to details, from control mechanics to the physics of movement. It doesn't yet have the wildness and kilometer-long flights in the Mega Park from Skate 3. The game truly makes you feel the weight and speed of your skateboard.

The Operator Rides Behind You

 One of the most interesting and unique elements of Skate 1 and Skate 2 is the operator who follows you and provides commentary. Whether you pulled off a cool trick, fell, or spotted a pro skater, nothing goes unnoticed. This adds an incredible level of realism and creates the feeling that you are truly a skateboarding star participating in your own video.


 In Skate, you're not just performing tricks on a skateboard, you're living the life of a skateboarder. The beautifully crafted open world, numerous tasks and events, as well as an extensive career mode, creating his own vibe.

Game Design

 The animation (motion design) in the game's menu is impeccably done. All the transitions, folding and unfolding of the map, choosing items from a backpack, everything is done like an interactive collage. Even the story videos are made in this style, giving a comic-like feel.


 Skate is an experience that allows you to taste all the joy and challenges of real skateboarding, and the game itself deserves its place in the hearts of everyone.

 Give it a try!
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»

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