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Soldat review
by Notly

This is a minimalist yet explosive and dynamic multiplayer shooter. It blends elements of classic games with simplified 2D gameplay.

Simplicity and Dynamics:
Soldat proves that creating an engaging and thrilling shooter doesn't require complex 3D models and realistic physics. The minimalist design and straightforward gameplay focus on dynamics and adrenaline.

The game offers a wide selection of weapons, from basic machine guns and rifles to flamethrowers and lasers. Each weapon has its characteristics and usage tactics.

Various Game Modes:
From classic modes such as «Deathmatch» and «Team Deathmatch» to more specialized ones like «Capture the Flag» and «Rambo». Each mode offers unique tactics and strategies.

If you're looking for something without unnecessary complexities, where only your reaction and strategy matter, then you'll enjoy this game.