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Mafia II review
by Notly

Weak plot compared to the first part: Although «Mafia II» offers an interesting story about the rise of the main character Vito Scaletta in the criminal world, the plot falls short in depth and intrigue compared to the first part. At times, the story seems superficial and less impressive.

A lot of driving and lack of taxis: There is an abundance of driving around the city. Unlike some other open-world games where you can use taxis or other fast travel options, there is no such option in «Mafia II». This makes traveling between missions more drawn-out and sometimes tedious.

Long-winded storytelling: The storytelling in the game is stretched out. Despite the captivating atmosphere and well-crafted world, the long intervals between significant events can be tiresome. Sometimes it feels like the game is artificially prolonged to extend the playtime.

No attachment to the characters: One of the main strengths of the first part was the charismatic and well-developed characters that players quickly became attached to. In «Mafia II», despite decent acting and quality dialogues, the characters do not evoke the same emotional attachment.

In conclusion, despite these issues, it still remains an important part of the series and interesting for fans of the crime drama genre.

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One of the best games I ever played. Blew my mind. The story. The characters. The environment. The gameplay mechanics. Everything was so perfect.
I do not recommend this game. There is no Linux/BSD port.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
«Blew my mind»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Mafia 2 I searched for dead on the Ps3. :) The Story could hardly be better, the Characters to crash off and the Dialogues unsurpassable. This Game impresses with its Setting everything is exactly adapted to the 40 er/50s, you feel transported from the Beginning into the 40 er/50s. The World is vibrant and relatively large. I have to Praise the "police system" in particular here. Unlike GTA, you can kill someone here (Stealth, no loud Firearms) or steal a Car if you're far enough away from the Cop and he's standing with his Back to you. If you drive too fast you get a Penalty Notice if they catch you in a Crime (Store burglary) you get a Wanted, they now know your Face. If you can then steal a Car without being caught and move inconspicuously past the Policeman without them recognizing your Car, you can flee and pull over or pay the Penalty. But If you get caught with the claud car, there is usually a Chase. Unlike GTA, there is also no "Chase circle" in which they just see you everywhere and no matter where you are hidden they find you. Here, the Cops have their own range. As I mentioned above, the Policemen see what is in front of You and hear what is happening behind them only within a certain Range. I could write a Book about what I like about this Game, for example about the aggressive black ones, the different Shops, guns, Tuning Possibilities & the excerpts of half that you can find everywhere:). The only thing I have to expose to Mafia-2 is that the World could be a little more open. I'm already looking forward to the 3rd Part. The Developers did everything right in this Game. I can only recommend it. Thank you for this Gaming Experience! -Inviis.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Graphic: 9/10 Points PRO: + great Lighting and colour moods + cool physics Effects + detailed Car Damage models KONTRA:-often repetitive characters Sound: 10/10 Points PRO: + great Soundtrack + very good Speakers + very good speakers + crisp Weapon and Engine sound + on Wish English VOICEOVER KONTRA:-----Balance: 7/10 Points PRO: + automatic Healing + three Difficulty levels, between chapters changeable KONTRA:-no free saving-too few Reset points ATMOSPHERE: 10/10 Points PRO: + convincing Mafia MOOD + 40 and 50-flair + calculating weather, time of year AND Day in the Course of the Chapters CONTRA:-sometimes somewhat long-winded operation: 8/10 Points PRO: + up to ten cars STORAGE + Cover system KONTRA:-Vito can not shoot from a Car-Pulling the Weapons sometimes takes too Long Circumference: 7/10 Points PRO: + 15 long Chapters + large Fleet + chic Mafia wardrobe KONTRA:-nothing To do outside the Missions-little Replay Value Level design: 9/10 Points PRO: + detailed, credible locations + destructible environment + Varied Empire Bay ... CONTRA:-... The essentially only Façade Consists of Ki: 7/10 Points PRO: + usable Ki-colleagues + police Cars with good Finding + Gangsters Cleverly Use cover ... CONTRA:-... But Police not Weapons: 8/10 Points PRO: + classic Mafia-Creaking + good Weapon change + Shots in the Vehicle tank solve explosion from KONTRA:-undemanding Melee system plot: 10/10 Points PRO: + History spanning six years + numerous film-ready Snacks + dodgy and credible Characters + pointed Dialogues KONTRA:-----85/100 points Source: Own verdict: I found Mafia 2 a very great game it got me the 10 hours throughout The Rod held I can now personally not understand why it hasn't gone down so well but doesn't matter. From now on I have already set my sights for the Winter Sale of Steam That I manage Mafia 3. I can just recommend it more easily but what I didn't think was so good ended up happening with Joe unfortunately remains open:(