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The Elder Scrolls 4: Shivering Isles review
by Notly

«Shivering Isles» - strange, like «Morrowind», and that's good!

This DLC for the game «The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion» offers players to immerse themselves in an absurd and unpredictable world. The new flora and fauna, as well as the maximum atypicality of the surrounding world, make the journey through the «Shivering Isles» exciting and unique. Just think of the opening scene with butterflies. Everything here breathes with organic life.

Caves and forts scattered throughout the island add diversity to exploring the world. They are executed in a completely different style than in the old world. The caves here are essentially burrows under the roots of trees, and there are plenty of them. And the forts resemble abandoned palaces, filled with numerous traps and new inhabitants.

I believe that to fully immerse oneself in the atmosphere of «Shivering Isles», a separate soundtrack was needed that would correspond to the strange and wonderful world, as the classic one simply doesn't fit.

This addon to «TES IV» offers players a unique and unpredictable world, completely different from the «Cyrodiil» we explored before.