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Left 4 Dead review
by Notly

This is one of the first cooperative games against zombies. I remember playing it a lot on release in the fall of 2008. Developed by «Valve», this game has become a classic and has left a mark in the hearts of many players.

Cooperative playthrough:
«Left 4 Dead» introduces the concept of team play, where cooperative cooperation and player interaction is important. Each campaign features four players united by a common goal of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Featured Zombies:
The game offers a wide variety of zombies, including special infected such as Boomer, Smoker, Hunter, Witch and Tank, each with unique abilities and posing different threats.

AI Director:
One of the features of «L4D» is the «AI Director», which adapts the game to the team's play style by changing the location and number of zombies, as well as offering different challenges and circumstances.

A unique atmosphere of fear and despair, flavored with paced and tense gameplay. The game skillfully combines elements of horror and action.

Versus Mode:
In this mode, players can take on the role of specialized infected, fighting against another team of survivors. This adds even more variation to the gameplay.

So, «Left 4 Dead» remains one of the leading representatives of the cooperative first-person shooter genre, and if you missed the chance to enjoy this game in your time, I recommend you remedy that.

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great co-op fun.  alright single player fun.
great fun with friends
Gameplay 10/10. Graphics 9/10. Soundtrack 8/10. Storyline 8/10. OVERALL 8.75/10.0 (A 8.5)
«Better with friends»
L4d is classic.
«Liked before it became a hit»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Great Game. The Campaigns are diverse and Add-ons expand this Diversity. The Special Zombies miss the Game the necessary Spice and the Items (Tablets, Mollie, Pipe Bomb) are also great. It'S fun with Friends as well as in Single-player mode, although the other three Team Members as NPC are a little inept and you have a harder time. It is also stupid that you have to run alone, so that it usually hits you first, for example in the Hunter or the Witch. Nevertheless good Game, you can play again and again.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In the first Part clearly the Melee Weapons, Grenade Launchers, Adrenals and many other Weapons such as the Colt or THE AK are clearly missing. Too bad, because more Weapons more Variety. Otherwise typical 4-Player coop, where you can butcher your Team through various campaign maps with your team or in Versus Mode (PVP) can make yourself as an Infected person in the Hunt for the Survivor Team. A Game that's Fun when the Team fits! In My Opinion L4D2 BETTER, because there are the Weapons that I now miss in the first Part. Also, in the second Part you can find a few more Infected and Maps, which bring more Variety into the Game. Bought For 1.99€ on Offer, they are all worth it. 19.99€ I personally find something much for such an old but good Game, for the same price you can already get the second Part with more Content. Have fun.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Left 4 Dead is a pure CoOp shooter, with many different varied Campaigns/Levels, weapon types, first-line Gameplay and of course a Lot of different zombie types. To the Story: As a Player you slip into the roll as one of the 4 playable human Character, (Francis, Bill, Louis or Zoey) and in each of the Campaigns, which are almost always divided into 5 Sections, you can achieve a certain Saffron boom of course alive and at the E To escape the nature of the respective Campaign with a Rescue Vehicle. Sounds very simple, but can also be associated with Stress, because sometimes you can't do it at the first time ... Graphics & Sound: Graphically, the Game still offers a relatively pretty Look, thanks to Valve'S Source engine and can still be seen. Sound technical you also get a lot on offer at Left 4 Dead, good-vocal Music, powerful weapon sounds as well as other sound effects. The German Setting/Synchronization of the Characters has also been achieved, which can be heard and makes one of them smile a little bit:D Verdict & Review: From me personally, as a big Fan of the 1st Part of Left 4 Dead, there's a very clear buy recommendation and not only for zombie shooter fans, but also for any other Gamer:) 10/10