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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising review
by Notly

This is a game where you need your tactical mind and strategic thinking. You are required to think and act like a real soldier on the battlefield. Plot and Location: The conflict unfolds on a fictional island in eastern China, where the American military is trying to resolve the tense situation between Russia and China.

One of the highlights of the game is its cooperative mode, which allows you and three friends to play the game together. This creates a sense of true military cooperation and teamwork.

Plenty of Missions:
The variety of missions includes exploration, defense, hostage rescue, and even driving various military vehicles, creating a rich and varied gaming experience.

Even years after release, the graphics in «Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising» look decent. The detailed open world, realistic landscapes, and visual effects look great.
«Better with friends»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Prefer to buy Pack Chewing Gum Or order a Pizza since you have more from than from this Game. Even the £2.5050 in the Sale is still too much. There is a Single-player Campaign and once gave a Multiplayer that has since been switched off. The "Story" is loosely based on real historical Events, but is completely hemp, nonsensical and inconsequential. Every Grossing Novel from the Tanke has a better Story to offer. Technically, the Game is an absolute Wreck to which you can clearly see that it is only a cheap Console Port. No once Resolutions over 1280x1080 Pixels are supported. Everything seems completely slurred, as if the Character had one first before each Mission. In General, the Graphics Settings are very sparse. To call The AI stupid as Toast bread would be offensive to the Toast. Neither their Own Comrades-in-arms nor the Opponent AI gets anything on the Line. Either they don't pay attention to you and clip into Objects or they hit you directly precisely from 400M Distance. I didn't have a Buck after the first Mission. My Conclusion: Anyone looking for a Military-im is better served with Arma 2/3, Insurgency, Squad and Project Reality. For a 2009 Game, OP Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is absolutely unacceptable.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Rarely do I start a Game and break off in the middle of it! I Usually go through every Game and also play bad Games through, but this Game is the purest Emptiness and Boredom for me! The Control, etc., is not a Problem for me. Also, the Fact that the Soldiers are running at a Snail's pace. Even the brutal Difficulty is not an Issue. Nene, what bothers me most is the Campaign for which I acquired the Game. What exactly is doing in this Game?! Well it's a Military Shooter that's supposed to seem as realistic as possible, but it's a Game, so why am I playing it? I am not a Soldier, so I do not need a Simulation of War without Content. Maybe it's the wrong Game for me, but after around 2h and the first Mission I stopped because the Game seemingly doesn't have a Goal and the Story is to destroy any Targets. On a Story, I expect to be led into the Game and then there's a common Thread as well. This is somehow completely missing here. Instead, pointless Missons where it's simply about destroying something for whoever or whatever. Something like that I can't get off to death and since this Game doesn't seem to have a real Story to tell and it's apparently really just about a pure Military Simulation, I renounce. The Cards are also completely loveless and roughly clapped together. I just feel left alone and lost on the Maps. A few Trees and Grass .. Here and there some Stones and that was. Otherwise, from time to time a small Base with a few People. That's too little even for me and I have low Claims. When I realise, though, that I have some Games where I feel like I'm pointlessly wasting my Time, I make up. Unfortunately, this has been the Case here again for a long Time. For People who just want to turn their Heads off To play a bit of Wannabe Soldier, you might recommend that, but for People who play a Game to experience something, you can hardly recommend that, because there's nothing to experience here. Run Job, walk tactically and turn it off, done.