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Call of Juarez review
by Notly

«Call of Juarez» - is a game with immersive simulation elements, where there is a parallel narrative about two heroes (Reverend Ray and Billy «Candle»), absolutely different and unique in their own way.

If Ray is more of a marksman, Billy is an explorer of the world. The gameplay for both characters is different and has its own conventions. I liked the way the narration in the form of voice-over diaries and remarks of the characters. Allows you to get into the story and understand what motivates them.

As for the shooting, I can say that «Bullet Time» is very well integrated. It's spectacular and very often helpful.

The musical accompaniment of the game perfectly complements the action. The soundtrack emphasizes the atmosphere and enhances the spirit of adventure and the unknown.

The developers managed to create a believable, exciting and beautiful world. The graphics is very good even today.

And by the way, one of the first games with «DirectX 10» on PC!
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«OST on repeat»

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Cheesy plot, aged graphics, but very fun levels and mechanics with the whip and the duels.
«Sit back and relax»
Игра слишком устарела
Came out in 2006 looks like from 2003
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Call of Juarez is a First-person shooter located in the Wild West of the 19th Century. It's a slightly older Game (from 2006), so Graphics and Gameplay aren't as modern as you know from today's Point of view. Still, I have to say that this Game was actually Fun. The Duels in particular are well done. Collectible Objects also exist, but I wasn't really interested in the Pictures and "Misdemeanors" of the Developers, which is why I didn't make anything difficult for myself to collect. The Weapons in this Game are sometimes very rusted, which leads to the need to look for a new Weapon more often. Nothing is more exciting than losing your Weapon in the middle Of Battle! From time to time I was also fierced, because especially in the stealth missions the control did not want as I would like, but nevertheless I got through within 7 to 8 Hours. The Story you are told here is clearly not for Children. Not only the rough Language but also the Actions of the Characters (Rape, Murder and Theft) turn it into a Game for Adults. Recommended for every FPS and classic fan!!!!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First Of all, I would like to mention that the Game is from 2007. So It wasn't expected to find the perfect Game in Call Of Juarez. BUT: My Expectations really exceeded it. I watched the Game in the first place because Call Of Juarez Gunslinger was my first Game ever on PC And got me gaming a few Years ago. So why not play the Predecessors? Then when I saw that the first Part of the Series is 2007, of course, my Expectations were very low and I still thought that I would not play the Game anyway. Because also that Eye eats with and a 10 Year old Game does not necessarily promise the best Graphics. But when I played COJ for the first time I was totally surprised. This Graphic? 2007??? But also the Story is gripping and I personally found it very exciting and interesting because you play hunters as well as Hunted, which I have not had in the Concept before in any other Game. So You always see everything from 2 Perspectives and you are inevitably led to the Problem that you probably have to choose between the two at the End. SPOILER BUT here, too, there is a Twist on SPOILER ENDE My Conclusion: The Graphics are outstanding for 2007, but one should also bear in mind that I didn't expect too much here The Story is good and contains almost everything: Shootings with Enemywaves the h Inventory, Chases, sudden Twists, also Easter Eggs (especially about the Developers themselves), a lot of Humor and also often not quite youth-free Dialogues The Total Playing time is not too low with me 7 1/2 Hours There are some Mistakes like suddenly Breaking Dialogues, Display Errors and especially logic Errors (there is a much more direct Way through some levels in some Places, but where you die, for example if you jump down a 2m Cliff; this Bug at a low Drop Height also occurs in some Set up; Small Spoiler: At one Point, a Character no Longer has bullets for his Gun, but drops Ammunition when killed; ...), but as I said in 2007 ... Some Levels are quite complicated and you sometimes have no Idea exactly how to solve them (had to google twice yourself), which also makes The Game a bit of a Puzzle Experience My Rating for Call Of Juarez are a solid 7/10