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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition review
by Notly

This edition includes 10 DLCs in addition to the base game.

«Horse Armor Pack»
«Tamriel» is a dangerous place. Protect your horse from danger with this beautiful and resilient armor.

The «Orrery» Pack allows you to help the «Mages Guild of Cyrodiil» repair the «Imperial Orrery», an ancient dwarven machine with mystical properties. Bandits have stolen a shipment of parts destined for the «Arcane University»; if you can return them, the «Orrery» will function once more.

«Wizard's Tower»
Located high in the «Jerall Mountains» of «Cyrodiil» away from prying eyes, lies the Wizard's Tower, «Frostcrag Spire». Packed with numerous useful enhancements, this structure will prove invaluable to magic-oriented characters.

«Thieves Den»
The «Thieves Den» provides you with everything you need to outfit your stealth-based character for missions. Rediscover the legendary «Dunbarrow Cove» and the ancient pirate ship «The Red Sabre». «Dunbarrow Cove» not only provides a home base to operate out of, you can purchase new vendors, trainers, and even an upgrade to your sleeping quarters with the loot from your heists.

«Mehrunes' Razor»
Conquer one of the deepest and most challenging dungeons in all of «Cyrodiil» and claim one of the most fearsome weapons imaginable.

«Vile Lair»
«Deepscorn Hollow» is an asylum for the wicked, giving refuge from persecution by the virtuous. This is the place for evil characters.

«Spell Tomes»
This pack adds «Spell Tomes» to the world's treasures. These books grant you powerful magic spells by reading them.

«Fighter's Stronghold»
Defeat the attacking marauders and become lord of «Battlehorn Castle», located in the «Colovian Highlands» west of «Chorrol». The castle has private quarters, a grand dining hall, wine cellar, barracks, training room, and – most importantly – a few hidden passages and dark secrets.

«Knights of the Nine»
A fallen King has been unchained from the darkness of «Oblivion» to seek vengeance upon the Gods who banished him. Only a champion pure of heart can vanquish the evil that has been released upon the land. You must heed the call, reclaim the lost relics of the «Divine Crusader», and return the «Nine» to glory. New dungeons, characters, quests, and mysteries await.

«Shivering Isles»
Enter the torn realm of Sheogorath - a world where «Mania» and «Dementia reign». Do you have the strength to survive his trials, to tame a realm fraught with paranoia and despair, and wear the mantle of a God?

These 10 DLCs for «The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion» undoubtedly enrich the gaming experience, offering unique opportunities, new places to explore, captivating quests, and additional gameplay elements such as weapons, armor, and spells.

The addons introduce new content and diversity, making the game even more engaging and enjoyable for players.
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»

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«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Oblivion is my absolute Favorite from the Elder Scrolls franchise. Compared to Morrowind and Skyrim, Oblivion performs best. Morrowind is even more of a hardcore Role-playing game. It has a Lot of Corners and Edges. Skyrim feels like an Amusement Park. The Attractions are really beaten around your Ears. In my Opinion, Oblivion finds the optimal Mediocrity. There are hardly any Corners and Edges, the Gameplay seems fluid and pleasant. Nevertheless, you have to work out a lot and you don't get it presented on the Silver Platter.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Still a good Game. However, you can also see how it's been in the Years. The Graphics are outdated and the Mission Design is also rather boring. Only exploring is fun as it used to Be. If the Game is on Offer, you can buy it. But everyone should be aware that it's more Nostalgia. With the Passage of Time and also by Comparing better Genre Cousins like Witcher 3 and even Skyrim, you should be realistic and see this Game more as a Foray into the Past. If you are looking for a real Open world Game, you are better served with Witcher 3 and Skyrim. Thank you for the fond Memories of Oblivion.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Oblivion Hardly a game has already captivated me on other platforms (like on the Xbox 360). The World, the Characters and Atmosphere make it an eternal Classic in this Genre. Although Conversations and/or Dialogues are not as sophisticated as with many other Games, not to mention the Graphics, it is after all from 2006. Thus, any Comparisons can be "clapped" directly into the Barrel! Vielside Skills. (For That time) very nice Details in terms of Graphics/Logos/Characters of Spells, Embellishments on Shield and Armor or Handles of your own Sword. The Story is not the Longest, but it didn't disappoint me and never dragged on very long. Varied Tasks, Mystical ones .. oh damn .. Excused... I meant * Mythical Cults and conspicuted within familiar Factions. Thanks to Bethesda for this wonderful Experience!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I've been playing Oblivion on the PS3 since 2007 and I've loved it for Minute one! Now I have finally bought it for the PC and can try the rest DLC. Back to the Game, Oblivion is by far one of the best games ever and will remain so for many years to come thanks to its still beautiful graphics, good And funny Quests, as well As a gripping story and its world that has been captivating Since then. I can recommend the Game to anyone who is not disassociated with Magic and mystical Creatures towards the Middle Ages and even if this will change quickly! (Dragons are unfortunately only available through the Console, if you want them which you can get hold Of Skyrim, this is also a very good Game of The Elder Scrolls series and takes up a few new Elements that don't exist in Oblivion.) One has to:) for every The Elder Scrolls Fan and, of course, everyone else 12/10 Points and have Fun playing!