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Grand Theft Auto Online review
by Notly

A huge variety of game modes and activities.

Missions and heists:
Cooperative tasks where players can complete various missions together, including large-scale heists.

Competitive modes:
Races, arena battles, aerial dogfights, and much more.

Free mode:
The ability to freely explore the world, engaging in various activities such as trading, creating businesses, participating in random events, and encountering other players.

Customization and character development:
Players can customize their characters by purchasing clothing, accessories, and vehicles. Additionally, the game features a leveling system that allows players to improve their character's skills such as driving, shooting, and stamina.

Social aspects:
«GTA Online» supports player interaction through the creation of crews (clans), joint missions, and competitions. The social elements of the game greatly enrich the experience, allowing players to coordinate their actions.

Earning and spending:
Players can earn money by completing missions, participating in heists, and engaging in competitive events. The earned money can be spent on purchasing real estate, vehicles, weapons, and other items.

The game offers something for everyone—from completing thrilling missions to participating in epic races. Despite some drawbacks, such as technical issues and the microtransaction system, «GTA Online» is a decent and engaging online game.

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