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Stardew Valley review
by markbass69

I completed the community center and kinda dropped off this so I guess I'm as "finished" as I'll ever be. I actually much preferred this on mobile than PC - it is literally designed for playing in short sessions. Only thing I miss is mods.

The marriage mechanic is kind of a cry for help and the dungeon crawling in the mine is tedious garbage, but everything else around it has some really great gameplay loops and player expression, especially when I was able to pick the quarry as where my farm was built to limit how much of that dungeon crawling I had to do (still too much).

I think some of the themes - escape your monotonous routine in the city - feels not only generally cynical but also ironic considering how much of the core gameplay loop becomes about routine.

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It can be surprising how enjoyable something as simple as (virtual) farming can be. I purchased the game once they released coop and had a ton of fun with it. There's a lot here to enjoy and a good amount of different things to do. Plus it's super simple so even your non-gaming spouses/siblings will enjoy it. The festivals, unfortunately, are lacking and quickly become a waste of daylight. Thankfully they are skippable.

Date Retired: 2021-03-14
Playtime: (~ 70h vanilla, ~ 70h Expanded)
Enjoyment: 10/10
Recommendation: It's a great game, all the better with coach coop.
10/10 - A MASTERPIECE of the farming simulators with RPG elements.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
It's winter, I timed everything wrong and all my crops are dead. Everyone in town hates me except for my wife. I get dragged out of a cave in a desert half-dead.
Life is Bliss.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
it's easy to lose a weekend to this game, and have fun doing it - alone or with a friend! beautiful music, lots of engaging activities, neat characters, cute art, multiple systems that give you payoff for improving...there's a ton to enjoy. the game is still being updated, and the developer simply poured their heart into every aspect of this game.
You have to play it, can't describe in words how engaging this is
«Can’t stop playing»
Addicting, relaxing, rewarding, fantastic
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Actually, I'm not that friend of IndiPixelGames but Stardew Valley really stands out from the Scrap that is otherwise always offered like this. Left me a few Days with the Purchase Decision time, as these IndiPixelGames and their Flood honestly annoy me animal! So, one Day I still do ... The Basic Structure is farming, crafting, mining, fishing and an extensive RPG part. Ahja, you also have to socialize, that is, to Nurture And maintain friendships and possibly also build a solid Relationship, which leads to Marriages and children. There are four Seasons that have been translated and truly lovingly implemented. 1 Month a 28 Days are representative of a Session. 3 Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn) serve the Farm and Winter mainly for mining, building construction, equipment upgrading etc. Each Season has different Plants that are valuable in different ways. Mainly you should primarily plant the expensive Plants in order to obtain appropriate funds, but you should always keep part of the Harvest because you need them from time to time. In The beginning, there are limited Possibilities that gradually expand. You get new Recipes, can craft new Things that make your Job easier or add additional Opportunities z.B.Tiere breed, make Wine or Jam etc etc. The Game is extremely extensive, varied and really very lovingly designed. One always has something to do the Tamagotschi-Sish effect is present in many areas, so one has Difficulty quitting. This leads you to want to do this and that and say to yourself, "So, I do a Day and then I stop on" The amazing is, this Game was made by only one Person. It takes him 4 Years and you can tell the Game that it was a Gamer who built it. It has a lot of depth, arouses the curiosity and does not use the usual generic collection to incorporate the Tripple A Games to artificially extend a Game. All Game Structures interact sensibly and motivationally. I find this Game very motivating overall and would recommend it to anyone who likes to look for many small And varied fields of employment. Would I buy it again? Definitely, Yes! Tips: Farming up: Watch out with the build-up of the Farm. Preferable to plan previous ones, which saves expensive Resources and Time. In The beginning, for example, You Pack farm buildings somewhere near the Main Building, only when the Farm grows, these Buildings may get in The way of you. You then have to tear them off and rewind them, which is expensive and costs time and Resurgaces. Therefore, think carefully about what the Farm should look like! Here is an Online Planning Tool-> Https:// Filling is total Terror at first because you don't know how to do it, it's not explained anywhere. It Is best to fish for The Fishing house until you reach a few Levels to buy a better Equipment. Don'T click wild. If one is at the Angel try to keep it in the green Bar. This is what you do as follows: If the Fish is down, you don't have to do anything! Only when the Fish goes up the Left Press the mouse button or press several times to get the green Bar up. Keep Pressed to keep the green Bar in position. Let Go of the Bar again in case the Fish gets tired it sinks. You drive this Game until the Right bar Has totally charged up then you have successfully fished it! Stardew Vallery Wiki-> Official Forum->
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Very good game, I spent 20 or so hours since I downloaded it. Until now nothing to say, experience of play very pleasant, really immersive and addictive. The only note of note was that the game was in English, but it has been fixed except that now the game is unplayable, we can not spend the night so I had a quick bug fix (not having a return service within of the game our only means of communication with the publisher is complicated so if you read this notice think about it). In conclusion the game is really worth the cost of buying, plus it is not so expensive considering its quality, only wait until the bug is correct because until the game will really disappoint you (wrong).