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Untitled Goose Game review
by Yizhu Zong

it's quite cute, but when we don't respect the process, such as I closed the door of the farmer, and his keys had been hided inside of his garden...then the game can't go on the farmer can't open the door, and we can't get inside

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No idea what the hype was for but maybe this just isn't for me.
Cute enough and funny but some of the todo items were annoying, fiddly and time consuming (mostly because of the controls). Takes the fun out of it after a while.
It's just okay.
An extremely fun tech demo. It truly is worth the price considering the amount of joy I got out of my playthrough, but the lack of content felt unsatisfying near the end. However, I'm glad that this game didn't overstay its welcome.
Cute little one and done game.
«Sit back and relax»
It has a nice art style to it that I think looks great even though I don’t know why. The way the goose moves is funny and well done. The feeling of this game I liked. Actually playing it though I did not. The puzzles weren’t actually creative and there wasn’t a lot of freedom to complete tasks different ways. It was pretty much always just the goose grabbing something and running. If you get caught by the people you just leave for a minute and try again. 

Final Score: B-