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The Witness review
by xettus

Este jogo não é ruim, é desapontador. Você espera uma experiência incrível, mas não é o que recebe. Eu particularmente esperava ser tão bom quanto Antichamber, mas não é. A qualidade gráfica é realmente estupenda, ainda mais com o contraste dos puzzles em uma telinha. Mas o principal foco do jogo, no caso os puzzles, são muito das vezes, nada intuitivos. Além do mais, existe uma parte do mapa, que o puzzle envolvido requer ouvir o som de um pássaro, mas sinceramente, não sei se tentaram serem inovadores, mas isso foi uma porcaria, o áudio é muito alto, e tentam de atrapalhar com barulho de fundo, isso, no final das contas, só deixa um som poluído sair do seu fone de ouvido. Alguns tipos de puzzles são legais, principalmente envolvendo o cenário, entretanto, são tantos puzzles que cansam. Nem sempre mais conteúdo é melhor. Você faz 5 puzzles, pra liberar mais 5 puzzles. Parece que estou dando voltas. Parece que há segredos nesse jogo, mas ele não me da motivos para me interessar. Na metade pra final do jogo, deixei um guia aberto caso precisasse. Parece que o estúdio que criou esse jogo, não sabe a hora de terminar uma parte, e coloca mais uma montanha de puzzles. Estava esperando um 9 ou 10, e saio com um 6,5. Além disso, o jogo é super caro, espere uma promoção, nem se você gosta de se ferrar, isso vale 70 reais. Se você quer se ferrar, vai comprar Spelunky, pelo menos se diverte(e Braid é melhor).
«Waste of time»
«Reviewers bribed»

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Another masterpiece from the best creator. Knows how to bewitch the mind!
«Blew my mind»
well.... I definitely didn't expect to go on a thought-provoking journey with this game. Absolutely AMAZING
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
This game is fantastic, I started seeing the shapes everywhere in the real world too after playing!
«Blew my mind»
Stellar puzzling marred by an incredibly cloying attempt at intellectualism.
This is the best puzzle game I have ever played.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Witness is an extraordinary Game in many Ways. I bought it because I find it visually eerily appealing and like relaxed Puzzle Games where you are given free Rein to how you want to proceed. The Witness meets these two criteria 100%. However, I fell in love with this Game for very different Reasons, and only after a few Hours of Play. Like no other Game I know, The Witness requires getting into it. Whoever plays it as if it had nothing more to offer than hundreds of Labyrith puzzles (no Exaggeration, there really are hundreds), who is concerned with "solving" the Game as quickly as possible will surely lose the Joy of it after a short Time. In many Reviews, I read that other People found the Learning Curve too steep, the Puzzles eventually became too difficult, and Frustration arose. In My Estimation, that Feeling only comes up when you rush and don't engage with the Gaming Experience as a Whole. The Joy of the Game has to come from yourself. There is no Story in the Sense, nor do you get Rewards for Solving the Puzzles. Instead, you have to be happy to have understood a new Game principle. You have to be able to rejoice in finally understanding the island's many little secrets, which have been hiding right under your own Nose all The time. And it is precisely these little Secrets that make The Witness one of my absolute Favourite Games today. I admire the Level of Dedication that is in this Game world. Solving these small and sometimes not quite so small Puzzles beyond the Switchboards has been twice as much Fun for me personally. So You miss a very excellent Part of the Game by Focusing purely on solving the obvious Puzzles! But again, you have to take your Time to do it. At some Point, you have almost no choice but to stumble upon these Puzzles by chance at some point, if you look closely. But I also enjoyed solving the actual Puzzles on the numerous Switchboards scattered on the Island. Even though, as already mentioned, there are literally hundreds of them on the Island, the Principle did not get boring. Each Region has its own Rules, and it is important to teach itself. One is absolutely not taken by the Hand, but has to act independently. However, there are small "Tutorials" for each Region, which make the Rules quite clear to you. For my Part, every Time I understood a new Game principle had a small Sense of Achievement, and that's the only and the best Reward you get. At the same time, I often simply Admired the Cleverness of Puzzle Designs. Sometimes there is a lot more to it than you might think at first Glance! I absolutely do not consider myself a puzzle professional, but still got very well clear with an estimated 99% of the Puzzles (admitted partly after long Breaks of Thought!) I openly and honestly admit to having used a Complete Solution for the remaining Puzzles so as not to cause unnecessary Frustration. You shouldn't fall back On That too often, otherwise the experiences of Success will not be missed and the Game will be boring. But If you really sit down, or if you do not understand the Rules with the best Will, you should not be afraid to look up the Solution. Small Note: Many of the Puzzles are based on Colors and a few are based on Sounds. Those who are color blind or Have Hearing problems may not get on their own In some places. As far as price is Concerned, I have to say afterwards that the just under €40 is actually justified, provided that the Game is really taken full of utilise. If you are not completely sure, however, one should still wait for a Sale (at the Moment, for example, to have for just under €13), so as not to get too annoyed afterwards, if it is not for you. All in all, The Witness is quite a remarkable Game. But In order to be able to enjoy this fully, you are not allowed to play it like any other Game. In a way, it's a Work of art that you have to look at and value as such from time to time. If you can do that and you're ready for it, it's uninhibited a lot of Joy. So Anyone who likes to explore and discover, simply for the sake of Discovery, and not because of a promised Reward, is right at The Witness. P.S.: This record player ...!
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Microsoft from Norsk
Short version: Exceptionally good game! Long Version: I thought the price was one dry out from what I expected, but after playing for a little week, I say I adore developing Jonathan Blow every single penny (though Apple takes 30%). The game is so incredibly accomplished down to the last detail. When one thinks one has almost done / discovered everything on you, a suddenly big new area discovers one has never visited before. The puzzles are sometimes completely geinals, sometimes very difficult (but the most difficult ones are not a requirement for completing the game), and always very well thought out. If you want to clear everything in the game you have to set aside for a long time (unless you googles); When I thought I had almost everything that was read, I saw that I only had about 300 of about 600 puzzles ... Many are hidden right in front of your eyes. The game is simply exceptionally good. PS; DO NOT GOOGLE WINGS, go ahead and come back later. The feeling of finally clearing it is absolutely magical, so google first after a 1-2 weeks. Played on Macbook Pro 2016 with touchable. Good fps on medium graphics and 720p-1080p. Some choppy, but in some way playable, by the hefty graphics and 1080p native resolution .. Play in windowed (not full screen) if thert lag much. If you have a PS controller lying on it, it can be recommended to use if you like it.
Too hard for me. Maybe at some point I'll tackle it again but that seems unlikely. It was a bit vague and I couldn't get my head into the puzzles to care enough to complete them.
The people who beaten The Witness deserve some kind of special achievement. This game is so smart and hard. I dropped it after a few days, but still hope to find free time to return and play more.

All puzzles are a variation of a single puzzle type. Sometimes this is frustrating and dull, other times you are just impressed by the developers imagination and cleverness. And a few times you encounter such beautiful puzzles, it's just wow.
«Blew my mind»