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Terraria review
by xettus

  Terraria provavelmente é um dos seus jogos favoritos(eu incluso), caso tenha jogado. Ele é um excelente survival, e cumpre perfeitamente tudo em relação ao combate. Possuindo muito mais conteúdo e mecânicas que Minecraft, creio que Terraria consegue superá-lo facilmente.
  Em termos de survival, ele não vem com essa idiotice de muitos jogos, de colocar fome, sede e etc(não que seja ruim, mas existe trabalhos muito porcos, como em The Forest, por exemplo). Sobreviver não é tão fácil. A primeira noite você precisa se equipar rápido, principalmente no master. Falando em dificuldade, as escolhas em criar um personagem e criar um mundo são básicas, porém bem feitas. Têm tecnicamente três dificuldades para o seu mundo: normal, perito e master; cada um com sua diferença. E no quesito do jogador, você pode escolher que itens você droppará após sua morte, sendo que a última, custa a própria vida.
  Já em termos de combate, é impressionante. O jogo possui uma variedade de armas, armaduras e até mesmo de classes. Além disso, a também equipamentos que irão te dar buffs permanentes se caso eles estejam equipados. Para finalizar, a modificadores nas armas, tanto pra pior quanto pra melhor, enquanto os equipamentos podem dar uns buffs específicos a mais(defesa, dano, velocidade, chance crítico...).
  A linearidade do jogo pode ser meio confuso caso não tenha visto um guia, mas acho que assim é em qualquer survival, praticamente.
  O jogo também algumas coisas secundárias que podem te dar ótimas recompensas, como pescar os peixes das missões, ou então fazer um tower defense.
  Na 1.4, o jogo adicionou um sistema para os npcs, podendo estar felizes, ou tristes. Com isso, a economia do jogo ficou muito mais rica, com você podendo escolher a quem irá deixar mais feliz, pagando assim mais barato.
  Um excelentíssimo jogo, com diversas mecânica e muito conteúdo, você poderá passar horas jogando. Se quiser mais horas extras, ainda tem o tModLoader, que se encontra aqui na Steam, sendo aí que você poderá jogar com os mods feitos pela comunidade.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»

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Esse jogo é um minecraft mais estiloso, muito legal. 2D, muitas opções de armas, itens, lugares para explorar, equipamentos e coisas legais para fazer. Você joga e nem percebe o tempo passar. Recomendo para quem gosta de explorar.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Sit back and relax»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
8/10 - fun days with the boys
«Better with friends»
Amazing game, one of my best.

It is so much fun to play together! There is so much to do and the mods are incredible. 10/10
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"Terraria is like Minecraft in 2D ..." Yes ne, it's clear! The Sandboxing Game Terraria went unplayed in my Library for some Time. I had tried it once, but didn't get smart out of the Game principle at the beginning. Probably I was just too doof:D But after a few Videos on Youtube I started fully and teasing Terraria at the night. The Game does not directly have a Story, that is, different from Starbound, what is also often compared to Terraria, you have no History that tells why you are there. However, there is something like an Order in which you Fight the Bosses ' opponents. Before you can build off, however, you have to create a Character first. Clothing, Hairstyle and colour can be selected from a few Options. Then you create a World. Here you can choose the Size and the World is generated randomly. Now you can decide between Single-player and Multiplayer. What pleased me is that they are ingame servers. That means you don't have to rent a Server with IP, like Minecraft, or play on a public Server where you are constantly worried about your Belongings. No, you host yourself and can even encrypt the Server with a Password, so that only selected People can joine. Thumbs up from me! :D In the Game World, there are no Limits to Creativity. From the small Tree house, to the Castle to Pixel Arts, you can build everything and always find the perfect Building Materials for your Home in the felt 1000 different blocks. The Pixel Graphics, based on the 90s, do not disturb at all. To get to the Blocks, the Player has to go budding. So on to the Mine and zump for hours. But even that never gets boring. Especially when you play with Friends and you chat to them via TS or Steam'S VoiceChat, Time flies by As if you're in Flight. So it can happen that you still hang on the computer at 5 o 'clock in the Morning, even though only 1 o 'clock was! Absolute "Addictive Potential." When Digging, you encounter one or the other Opponent or, depending on where you dig, sometimes a Boss Opponent. After a certain Opponent, the "Normal Mode" in which one starts becomes the "Hardmode." New Biomes are emerging and heavier Enemies are spawning. The further you get in the Game, the stronger The Bosses opponents and the Events that are partly summoned or happen by chance. But with the right Equipment and Friends to be At your side, such a thing is not a Challenge either. Crafting takes place at the specific Workshops. For example, you can make Wood on a Sawmill such as Beds or in Combination with Books bookshelves. The Craft Recipes for this can of course all be found online in The Terraria Wiki (believe me, you will always have the Tab with the Wiki open later in The Steam Overlay:D). However, you can always consult the Guide on Recipe questions. Ah, yes! The NPC's! Almost forgotten ... In addition to the Guide, who is there from the Beginning, there are 21 other NPC's that can move in with you. Of these, 6 have to be found, 7 come after a certain Boss Fight or Event and the Rest will move in as soon as you have a certain Item in your Inventory and enough Space in your House. Each NPC is assigned a Room. Once an NPC has moved into you, you can buy special Items from it and thus improve and expand its Equipment. Verdict: Terraria is awesome. The only thing to complain about, in my Opinion, is that the Music will eventually become too monotonous. But then you can still mute everything ingame and run Music in the Background. In addition, German Synchronization is sometimes really mispackered. Grammar goodbye! Not infrequently then, the Chat says "Player was killed by" to get around that, I just play in English. Since these are two Points that you can either easily fix or ignore, I think Terraria has earned 10/10. Feedback on the Review is welcome. ^^ And with that, Gamercookie over and out:D EDIT: The new 1.3 update is great! When I pressed Grade Strg to have a Wall built automatically, I was shown the near Door in yellow. Now you can't get bodied and click on the Right thing! Works with Doors, Signs, Gravestones, buff items (Enchantment Table, Magician ball and so on) and Boxes. I am excited! :D There's an Asterisk On top of it!
One of the best times I have had while gaming.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This is not a Minecraft in 2d! I'm already through (lunar Event and Moonlord are still missing :() and now, like everyone else, I am waiting for the 1.3th I hope that soon the 1.3 comes and I can make the final boss. The playing time is much longer and the possibilities are greater than in Minecraft There are 50+ armor and weapons, the many different NPCs bring the game to life and there are many different dialogues, the system of life is good and the controls are simple, there are multiplayer games, and now the 1.3 Version is coming, then it goes on as a golem. I like terraria very much and would even give stars :)
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I have been playing Terraria since I was 9, initially I played it on the phone and then switched to PS3 and finally the PC platform. I must say that this impeccable game, always fun and has a lot of blocks just for the sandbox part! He never bored me, and always was my favorite game. Alas the mobile version has been neglected for 2 years unfortunately ... still remaining to the version but finally I note with pleasure that the developers are engaging themselves again and I am sure that the version 1.3 will arrive in very little time! P.S. An addition that I would like so much cross play! I hope that with the reset of the mobile version (rewriting the game in order to make the porting of the next updates easier) they will be able to bring the game to the same level as the other platforms and maybe to be able to bring the updates simultaneously Console, and PC.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Actually a very good game, but the whole community has been waiting for more than a year for the new update that should bring the game to the 3.0. Also, the pics in the description are not a pity for Hardmode, also the jump to the end bosses Planterra, Fishron etc. is almost impossible without a friend you can connect with, despite turtle rigging and terrablade, even for an experienced player. Likewise the Grinding for Grnalgener (it takes about 18 hours of meatwall time to generate enough of the turtle power needed). For players who try on the krbismond or the frost moon the vampire knife is the most powerful weapon in the game as it does a lot of damage and you do not have to worry about your life, it will do a lot more harm than the terrablade or the equestrian's blade and other weapons ,