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Downfall review
by Mtg_Dev

After completing The Cat Lady & being impressed with it, I decided to continue through the "Devil came through here" series, and I was not disappointed, furthermore I will say that personally I liked Downfall a tiny little bit more than the cat lady.
the story was awesome, the atmosphere and this twisted world makes itself quite unique and memorable, ( oh man, the blender part ... ), the voice acting, the graphics ( yeah I am not kidding, the graphics although may seem a bit ugly at first, but they turn out to be a strength factor for the games, making some scenes more effective & memorable.

so anyways, for anyone who haven't played this series yet, you are missing a damn lot, start with the cat lady then go play this one, and you will thank me later 

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«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Downfall-A deep Insight into human Abysses The Creator and Inventor Of The Cat Lady "Remigiusz Michalski" has struck again. With concentrated Power, an incomparable, but also bloody and hard-hitting Atmosphere, specially composed; atmospheric Pieces of Music, beautifully staged Backgrounds and a self-contained; Self-imagined Universe, another Masterpiece of "Harvester Games" returns to the PC screens. I have to admit that the Hype around Downfall after The Cat Lady has already grabbed me and I haven't come around pre-ordering a Version (including OST and DRM version). As with all story-heavy Titles, I keep myself covered here as best I can. As The Cat Lady has done before, Downfall is a classic, psychological horror adventure game that is easy to play with the Keyboard and controllable. Since explicit Depictions of Violence are present, it's definitely not a Game for tend-besaitete People or even Children. We start as The main Protagonist Joe Davis and experience a wonderfully staged entry (a Kind of Tutorial) into an even more profound and emotional, equally Abstruse and merciless Smorgasbord from "Mindfu * * s," Which is the Creator to us " Remigiusz Michalski "and his Team presented here or hammered them in the Head. After a "painful Experience," the actual Game then begins in a remote Hotel called "Quit Haven Hotel" Along with our Wife Ivy. Dried between one's own Feelings towards the Game's Protagonists (we don't just play Joe, I reveal at this Point), it's up to us to give the Game a game experience tailored to us and a satisfying Ending. The Rest will every Player have to figure out for themselves, unspoiled on my part. After about 7 1/2 Hours of purest play enjoyment of the really very thoughtful Story, I don't regret a single Penny I've invested. The small Puzzles are not worth talking about and can be solved quickly and logically, so that a Progress of the Story Is hardly diminished. Personally, I Find a little of a shame. I would have liked to have liked it to be a little more puzzling, but it didn't bother me very much either, as the Focus is clearly elsewhere. There are still a good 16 Achievements waiting for me to discover and even with my freely played end I am not yet completely satisfied (there seem to be several ends). The Replay Value, thanks to the ingenious Story, is clearly there. I always felt I could miss something, be it small Details or Dialogue Options and I apparently have that on the first Round of the game. Also, it's the first Game where I've had the screenshot button in the Corner Of my eye all the Time, as it graphically puts an entire Tip on it, unlike The Cat Lady. Smaller camera Moves and Shots on specific Items are just smaller Examples of the Improvements. After the End of Downfall, I sat there for quite a while, speaking and motionless, before I decided to write this Review. For me, Downfall, According to The Cat Lady and thus "Harvester Games," has generally become the Epitome of perfect playing pleasure when it comes to psychological, intelligent and profound Horror in Game form. "Remigiusz Michalski" + his Team simply know how to breathe life Into the most diverse Game scenes and let them shine in artistically valuable Garb. The OST is equally fantastic. The sometimes very melancholy piano Sounds will decorate my Library in the Future. The Price of €12.59in in the Sale is, in my View, absolutely justified. There are also some Specials to discover, which can be found in the Game menu. Anyone who liked The Cat Lady won't get past Downfall. There are a few Surprises waiting for you, but you have to discover them yourself. Enjoy playing And Thank you for reading it. I can't wait for a Continuation of the "rem ' Universe.