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ARK: Survival Evolved review
by xXWoodinatorXx

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Played my first session for about 2.5 hours. It was alright. It’s so confusing though. I know part of the game is discovering things but it’s hard to figure out how the inventory and crafting and all that works. I had to google how to cook food in the campfire. Stuff like that I understand what’s going on, I just didn’t know the buttons to push and they don’t make it very clear. I do like the idea of the game though. I had a friendly cowboy stranger show me the ropes for awhile. That was helpful. My main complaint that I think will limit the amount of time I spend playing this game is that the movement and combat feels gross. I like Dino island and I was weirdly in for a survival type game but the gameplay might kill it before it even begins.

I’m not feeling this game which is disappointing because I love the idea of dinosaur survival island but the gameplay feels awful and I don’t like the weird level design of this world. I shouldn’t bump into this tiny carnivore that happens to be a level 100 and wrecks me when I just killed a much larger aggressive looking Dino beforehand. This game feels gimmicky and I don’t think it’s worth my time figuring it out. It hasn’t drawn me in. I’m moving on. I’m disappointed. I blame the gameplay.

Final Score: B-

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Great game with friends, I wouldn't recommend playing it without them though... The community of the game is usually pretty nice (besides the like 10% that are really toxic) most people will be willing to make a tribe with you and build up, but I definitely wouldn't trust everyone. I have just above 12 days on the game and I've enjoyed most of it. The one problem I have with the game is that there are so many glitches, like plz WildCard stop making mediocre DLC and fix some of the god damn bugs!!!
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The game is well implemented but there are some bugs and sometimes you get kicked out or the game stops. Besides, I do not like it so much that I get an item for advertising. I wonder why one does not install AirDrops (beacons) instead of advertising. The beacons are a very good way to get thing and that's just not less, instead of advertising you get Eg 10 Cooked meat and in a Weienbeacon you get for example 2 Thatchroofs and a pickaxe. There is also a lot of PVP, if two players want to have a redbeacon they fight for the beacon and also a yellow or blueeacon. I know you've got something in the new update but it would be better if there are beacons. I hope you agree.
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The game continues to crash after 20 days from the last patch. DEV applied two useless patches to fix but the results are worse! Now u cant watch ADS! you will crash too! To play you need iPad PRO 2017+ otherwise after first levels you can do nothing. They say they put two pacth to solve what is written below. FALSE! the crash problem every 8 seconds persists !!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. Don't waste it 8 months of bug! Never corrected. ... they only think about introducing new mediocre content and not solving critical problems like a month of farming thrown away for a server glitch ... bad! They continue to insert pathetic patches and to SCARE !!! The game after the last update crashes every 15 seconds! And not only my experience, read the posts of these days in the forums! REPEAT READ THE DEDICATED FORUMS IF YOU THINK I AM FAIR. Who puts 5 stars plays for a month and does not know what to expect when at high levels. AVOID. 5 February 2019.
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Honestly, it sometimes took a high-end pc to get it up and running, but surprisingly, it did a good job on the phone. I never played or followed ark on the pc, and yet I got along quite well. I play it on the iPhone 8 and sometimes there are a few fps burglaries (at least it was so offline), which varied from a bit to lasting break-in. Maybe it's just a bug, because everyone else says it's fluid. It does, but there are still strong fps burglaries. In my opinion, the graphics do not look very good in my opinion. Know better mobile games that run rounder and nicer. Currently it supports only English (and believe so little German). Those who do not speak English and do not know ark, or have never dealt with it, may be a bit frustrated. The game is partly merciless. By and large, the game has been super implemented. Now it just has to be sanded well, so that it also creates something valuable. I will not play it for the moment, but I still look at the progress of the development.