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Project Winter review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:
A bigger, better and more complex version of Among Us. I enjoyed stumbling through the winter lands learning how to survive and escape, but the real joy comes from being the traitor. I think this game would be very fun if played with friends but it is still an enjoyable experience playing with randoms across the world.

Review In Progress:
My first game everybody was talking a lot and the survivors won so quickly. I barely figured out what was going on and I randomly followed people to the helipad. I didn’t contribute anything. Then for my next 7 or so games I either fucked up or was playing with a group that was awful. And I had very little clue how to do the tasks. I find ranged weapons hard to aim. I thought when I had a rifle and that guy had an ax I could beat him if I took first shot. But nope, he beat me to death. Still there is something about this game that I think seems fun. I think with the right people once I know what I’m supposed to do it could be fun for at least a bit. I can see it being really fun playing with people you know.

I wish that people online talked more. Beside my first game I’ve had no games where people talk. And I’m talking trying to see if others have mics. The vast majority of these games I run around and harvest and loot for like 10 or 15 mins then fuck up my whole game by getting killed or blowing my cover. Still something is there because I keep wanting to try again.

Uh so I think the game messed up at some point after my first game and my settings turned off voice chat. That was why no one was talking, they couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear them. I fixed it and now every game pretty much everyone talks. Now I’m actually playing the game. It’s better. It’s a lot better. I had a great lie one round. I was a traitor and I killed a guy and blamed the death on a bear. Worked great. Killed a few more people before getting caught and killed. Being a traitor is hard but so fun.

I finally understand most of the rules and mechanics of the game. I’m now a solid survivor I think except I have a tendency to go off rogue in order to complete tasks, so sometimes I get hit by traitors or I’m just so out of the loop that I don’t know who the traitor is when I should. Also I’ve realized that guns aren’t great and melee is better for most situations. The game is pretty fun. It does depend on having fun people to play with. I’m liking it though. It’s addictive. I think about the mistakes I made and I want to try again. I’ve had a few solid rounds where we win as a survivor but I haven’t had a great traitor round yet. Not one where I won. A few games I waited too long to strike.

I had a good stretch of really fun traitor rounds. I played with this group 2 in a row. I was traitor both times. They were such hooligans so it was so easy to put them against each other. I had a lot of fun. It’s a unique gaming experience I havnt really played before. I’m definitely more excited about traitor rounds. They are like twice as fun. 

I’ve survived a good number of basic rounds now. If you have a semi decent group who focuses on the task its hard for the traitors to stop it.

I really binged this game over a weekend. I don’t think I will play a lot more of the basic rounds. I still enjoy being the traitor in the short rounds but it’s pretty repetitive being a survivor. It was fun learning the process and having those experiences but I now know the steps to take in the basic rounds and it’s repetitive. I still have some more regular game modes in me. I haven't survived that many regular rounds. I still really like being the traitor. When I do end up putting PW down it will be because I’m bored of being a survivor. I could be a traitor for awhile. It’s less repetitive. It’s more fun to talk to people and try to blend in. It’s so great convincing a lone survivor to follow you into the woods only to turn on him when no one can hear him scream. 

I had another unique fun game. A lot of drama happened. There was a guy that was very entertaining. He thought he was cool as shit but he was a total dork. He did have a great round though. We fought the two traitors. He and the first traitor were downed and then I downed the last traitor at the same time he downed me. We crawled to the last survivor and convinced him to pick us up. Then the three of us had to scramble to compete the tasks while constantly fighting heat and hunger. We survived the standard round with 20 seconds left before mega death blizzard. We were so close to death many times. 

I think I’ve pretty much had most of the unique experiences this game has to offer. I just had an identity thief game where I became a traitor and won. I’ve had multiple survivor wins in the standard round. I’ve had traitor wins as well. Survivor rounds are no longer that entertaining and that’s the most likely round. The last stage of this game is stoned rounds. The vast majority of games I’ve played I’ve been sober. Once I conquer the stoned experience I will ready to put this game to rest.

I enjoyed this game. It was a blast when new and with the right people. Ends a low B+.

Final Score: B+

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Uses the among us recipe and delivers in a survival map with voice. It's very fun to play with friends and or randoms, shame it's almost a dead game.
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6/10 - nice game but its a total mood killer to sit and wait for 7 other people
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free early access review for survival game enthusiasts where emphasis is placed on social deception. How we are never too close to our enemies. Before I start, my opinion is only about the quality of the product and not a personal opinion. But what should I do the principle of the game taking place in an environment of snowy mountainous Plains, the vegetation there is there to stall a thing or two under the tooth. be still on your guard because wolves in packs, bears and deer are the p Artie. Providing you with a good amount of food to cook at last If however you stay alive following the fight with these. The weather conditions are relatively very suitable except sometimes during the storms that are very harsh and make the visibility almost zero so finding your way will not be easy. The fall of the temperature can clearly cause your death. Cooperate or die the game can start from 5 players or 8 max. part time 30 min maximum. Find or join a game by Proxi server. works very well. Narration side on your arrival, after the crash (scenario) you find yourself in a small Chalet where it is good to live except that is where things get complicated. The game can start from 5 players or 8 Max, working all for a common goal that of surviving in group with different objectives (repair weather antenna, relays etc...) except that in the lot of players (not indicated to other players) the presence of traitors will have very different goals from other survivors, sabotage and conspiracy. For the blow at this moment, doubt settles down and trust is no longer what it was, your companion is maybe there to finish you... stuff, food, all the arguments of a small murder between friends are there. Getting started the interface remains simple but effective, the control grip is very intuitive and easy. Translation of the game in French and others... The very sleek Visual with no details left to chance, very well optimized, good synchronisation with the players, after a few hours on no bug to postpone a survival game also requires craft but nevertheless this one is very simple and fast ( bushes, trees, stone) almost at hand. Geolocation the environment at each beginning of the game is semi-procedural, the shawlet, the objectives remain in place except the areas of loots/moving material at each new party launch. The density of the map is well proportioned in view of the proposed gameplay (relief, objectives, loots of objects, resources and place of evacuation). Your mission if you accept it for the survivors, you will have group goals and survive, in fact part of it. Repair infrastructure and organize your group evacuation. For traitors (randomly designated player) it's all the opposite sabotage! make your moves gently, eliminate the competition without being spotted until you take possession of the pod of evacuation, submarine, airplanes etc... Conclusion I recommend this game, well the decorations are simple, the gameplay beautifully well thought out and therefore balanced. This little game promises really good moments especially from a stroll between buddies to the small murders with friends. Quick games with a good laugh! ATTENTION all the same the game is still only at its beginnings of development, it is not impossible to bugs (not seen for the moment) and is regularly updated by the developers of the game and will certainly make the work of a more complete review when It will be released from early access Stadium. Thank you for having read everything, feel free to follow our curator here. Critics and your opinions are welcome and especially... don't forget to have fun soon! Info and discussions: > the bar is open [] > the bar is open Group > curator-evaluation community > Facebook []