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Quest for the Golden Duck review
by Shawndroid

This game is a great update to the original Pac-Man formula. It has 100 unique levels, 3 unique enemy types and several items with different effects. It's good for single or multiplayer gaming. But it's hard. The enemies move a little too fast, and some enemies are a little to effective for casual play. This makes the levels, which are often design as a basic puzzle, very hard to complete. Since you start with very few lives shared among all players game overs are common.

There are several sections to the game, each with a number of levels. But if you get a game over, you must restart from the beginning of that section with 4 lives, making progress very hard. This is especially true when playing co-op. I reached out to the developer and suggested he add casual and beginner modes to make it easier to play with casual friends. He seemed to think this was a great idea and implied he was working on it.

It's a very hard game and good for seasoned gamers to play single player.

The versus mode is also a lot of fun, where you chase down your friends. You cannot camp on the last gold coins since the game timeouts and give the victory to the treasure hunters. It's fun and frantic.

Positive points A fun Pac-Man like experience with a variety of levels and enemies. It's also Inexpensive.

Negative points Hard for a party game: you start with few lives, the enemies are fast and the levels are built like a puzzle. Some friends can get frustrated with the lack of progress.