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Trine 2: Complete Story review
by Shawndroid

Trine 2 is 'more' by every metric, but overall is somehow worse. The levels are longer, the puzzles more detailed, the platforming more precise and the combat more intense. But the controls and the game mechanics weren't designed for that. It makes levels a long slog and puzzles a frustrating experience. In Trine 1 there were multiple ways to beat each puzzle. Most could be solved by any of the three heroes, or at least two different ones. This made the game rather easy, but fun. Very often in Trine 2 only one hero can seem to solve the puzzle, forcing you to think a certain contrived way. It feels less natural. And the increased difficulty works poorly with the 'floaty physics.'

Positive points: Same fun mechanics as Trine 1.

Negative points: Designed to be more intense, which makes the game less fun and more frustrating.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Trine 2 is a Classic Side-scolling 3D Jump-and-run game that features little Puzzles and Action. It has a very nice Graphics (Wonderful Details and great Design) The big Highlight of this Game is the local Multiplayer. You can play with up to 3 People locally (I recommend Xbox 360 Gamepads) and anyone can play (depending on the Setting) one of the 3 Heroes (Thief, Magician and Knight). Thanks to the moderate Degree Of difficulty, it is highly recommended for "Non-players" even:) All in all, a nice Game for in between or an Evening with 1-2 Friends. The Story is not the best there is in this Area, but at Heart, the Story of Super Mario was outstanding??? You can recommend this Game for casual and normal gamers without any Problems! (Difficulty) Hardcore Players may get bored too quickly as the Level of difficulty increases, but so from 2/3 of the Game it is stagnating and the Puzzles don't necessarily get more complex:/ Despite all the full Recommendation on my part! 8/10 Jump and Run 9/10 Multiplayer
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A good Game, at least as far as adventure and jump & run are concerned. Graphics is quite good I can't find bad to my part, Trine2 is played as we know it from previous part of the page of course and compared to the first part there are many changes to name a few times:-Each Choir has its own Skillbaum-D ie Music is simply coherent and fits the game really well-The humor doesn't come up too short, there are many funny passages-The level design is also not to be scorned, well thought out and well opened up to the gameplay itself in the Individual player: You get a big Introduction with d 3 different chars (Amadeus, Zoya and Pontius). You get everything explained in the introductory rounds how the control works and can also apply it in the settings according to your own desire. Joahr ... What else to tell about Trine 2?... The Multiplayer: It's a lot of fun if you can agree with your players, but what I find a bit unfortunate is that the connection is not very good so I and a few other people have real problems with the Synchronization of these Game, in the past it had been better, but somehow it subsides my opinion and it is already giving fruit somewhere if you are used to it differently. My fazit: For anyone who likes adventure-jum & run, a must, above all, in multiplayer completely convinces the game, because you have to work in the team and coordinate with each other, even if it is not So Synchrony from the internet connection, but if you don't have a problem with it and If, I try and just get involved in the story, will find a lot of fun here.
This is perfect puzzle-platformer with astounding visuals. Released more than 5 years ago it is still the best one that you can play co-op.
«Better with friends»