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Mafia: Definitive Edition review
by r3volutionr0ck

Mafia Denfinitive Edition is a step in the right direction for the series, the remake of the now legal to drink in most countries game really brought the original formula to new gamers, like me. It follows the formula of the ones that came before so good that it became my favourite from the franchise. I didn't played the original, and never heard about the series until the Mafia II demo was released, that game... man that game blew my mind. Vito was the best character i seen until that date in the xbox360 generation. They made me really watch those "mafia classics" movies from Godfather to ones like Casino. When Mafia III was released i was hyped, but when i played in a friends house i got instantly turned off. Damn, that was a bad game a step in the wrong direction, i heard the american developer had problem with the czech engine, i don't know if that was true, but i was shocked to know that the team that made the II such a memorable game, wasn't fully working on the third. This game fixes some of those problems, there are some czech names in the credits for example, but not all of them. The enemies are still... strange, you shoot'em and they don't feel the hit, they keep running like nothing happened, when they spot you even if they don't shoot or scream all the other enemies are alerted or if you get to cover too close to them they will get confused and you don't know what is going to happen, some "hit" animations also seem scripted, it looks like you need to hit L-alt and them hit'em with "q" that was also a poor choice for melee combat and the cars and running physics are still the Mafia II's engine, what was good... for 2010.

But, for you not to say i didn't watered the flowers. This game has a good story man, Tommy is a hell of an iconic main character, i like how the game develops the relation between the three main characters, and how to the end the game makes you feel some way, just to hit you hard in the head and make you rethink everything you just tought. It really feels like "Mafia" not just the game, but the infights inside the family and outside in the mobster world make you feel like you are really in the mid 30's running errands for a mob lord. Your relation with the wife is what i imagine what would happen if you marry a girl that was raised in the family. I like how they show the like "loyalty" is important for the family, while no one is loyal to anyone, that just reinforce how this is important. The boss is someone you can get behind, while the family is sinking he always show strenght, and that show the main difference between him and main antagonist, their tempers. Again, my favourite part of the game is the story. That is a good and convincing story 

Something that really turns me of in every game, that are in his game is:

- You can't run in certain places: it's a damn videogame for god sakes, let me run and explore, or do you think i will be the whole game walking insides looking for jornals and cards? 

- too much scripted sequences: It's something that really makes me mad about GTA IV too, why do i have to follow someone from point a to point b, shooting the hell out of him just to discover that it made no difference? Just let me shoot and kill him. I can go with one or two scripted sequences but it starts to get obvious with time, and that's boring as hell. 1. Follow the car, he arrives somewhere, kill bad guys, cinematic, kill the guy. 2. Arrive somewhere, the guy trash talk you, he runs, kill bad guys, he runs, kill more bad guys, cinematic, kill guy.

- The cars man, that damn cars. You never know if you can destroy the environment or the environment will destroy you. They are slow, but ok thats cool it's the mid 30's.  

Rate: 76/100 the bad parts take easily 10 points out of the game
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»

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the mashup of scorsese's two main films: hugo and shark tale
What I liked in this game: + Characters - main character's development; chemistry between this big dysfunctional family; great voice acting + Plot - although short, predictable and 'generic' it does tell the story in a captivating way - I didn't get bored by it + Driving around the nicely designed locations + Action sequences - they're not anything amazing, they're rather simple but enjoyable - although I didn't play classic difficulty + Music and noire vibe in general + No major bugs
What I disliked in this game: - The infamous race - I did have some problems with it despite me liking racing games - Collecting all things may get boring and annoying without guide - Bushes - don't drive into them, those are immortal - Lack of things to do around the city, unless you just want to go on a rampage and kill everything that moves Overall, I recommend buying this game. 7.5/10
«Sit back and relax»
It’s a slow start. Especially gameplay wise. They are setting up a story so a lot of cutscenes and walking around. I don’t mind the cutscenes as the start to the story has been decent enough but I am hoping the gameplay picks up. It feels quite old, which it is.  I am liking the mafia vibes though. But really it’s making me wish we had a modern, 1930 city game made by rockstar….

I’m liking the story. A church shootout! Love it. 

This games pretty great. Besides the fact that it’s old and plays like it, it’s very fun. The story is great and after the first 3 or 4 slower opening missions they have all been good. The gameplay could definitely be tighter but I’ve gotten used to it and the slidy aiming almost works with the 1930s vibes. Lots of spraying and missed shots but I don’t feel like they should be sharpshooters so I’ve been treating like it’s part of the game (even though I don’t think it’s intentional, I think it just doesn’t control very well). Also I lowered the difficulty down to medium, which it rarely do in games, because I don’t think the scripted segments are very well balanced. The car race was ridiculously hard and then there was another mission where you shoot an armoured vehicle from the back of your car and the controls are too shit to justify the difficulty. It’s been more fun on medium. I’m here for the journey not to try the same mission 10+ times in a row. It’s not a souls game.

Finished it. Liked it. Ending was decent too. The epilogue cutscene maybe was a bit rushed but overall I liked the story.

Final Score: B+
i think we don't need GTA-like games, we need mafia, l.a. noire-like games.
A love story-driven games. Mafia has a simple yet solid story, likable characters and good voice acting. Some of the elements are pretty dated like face-capturing, physics, few things to do in the city, yet the game stands the test of time.
«That ending!»
«Sit back and relax»