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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts review
by seekme_94

Great graphics and nice gameplay. The protagonist - seeker and his handler are more like those hired assassin companies we see in movies. The mask, armour and gear are packed with cool features. Special effects are a feast and the AI is definitely better than many games in the genre. Enemies aren't just stupid cardboard practice targets if you're playing on Deadeye difficulty.
That's it about the good stuff, now let's come to other aspects. The story... well there isn't any. The publisher should just have saved a few more bucks by not trying to include any story at all. The ending is laughable too, trying to create a suspense and brutally failing at it.
Next thing on our list is bugs. Glitches all around the games. Stuck between two rocks? Restart. Can't find your path out of water? Restart. A pink balloon showing instead of your gun? Restart.
Then there's the variety (or lack thereof) of weapons. Very limited choices and you can't make sense of Stars, tokens and the third thing I forgot when you have money. I'm coining a term for that: Overgamification.
«I could make it better»
«Game over at last!»