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Far Cry 3 review
by Henrique Bressiani

Jogado no PlayStation 3

Um jogo de ação e sobrevivência que me conquistou a cada segundo. Uma história instigante contada de pontos diferentes que te prende na trama, vilões e personagens incríveis super bem trabalhados durante o jogo, o lindo e grande mapa do game te traz uma sensação de liberdade e emoções, a trilha sonora magnífica e as rádios marcantes dos veículos, o sistema de torres de rádio deixam o jogador com ainda mais curiosidade sobre o que pode vir pela frente, o mecânismo de caça para a evolução deixa tudo mais divertido e descontrai o jogador deixando o jogo mais equilibrado, os gráficos não deixam a desejar, com lindos efeitos e design, tomar os postos avançados sem ser percebido usando de estratégia e armas diferentes deixa a gameplay mais tensa e te prende ao jogo, fora o sistema de ganha de armas que não te deixa para trás caso não queira usar o seu dinheiro.

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Loved the bad guy who had such memorable quotes as "Wanna know how I got these scars?" "Why so serious?" and "Webster's dictionary defines insanity as...
Played: February 22nd,2018-April 29th,2018

What a crazy ride on an island. Vaas is insane and the missions are great. Although the other villains compared to Vaas, are very weak. Also the main character is not that intriguing. 

Grade: A-
It was apparently good enough to be the blueprint for pretty much every other open world game made after it
Replaying the game again, which is not the remastered "classic" edition. It still got the charms that amazed me the first time I've played the game. It still feels best in the series to me.
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»
The first of the "modern" batch of Far Cry games, this game refines the gunplay and exploration aspects of the previous two titles and makes it a much more compelling experience. The story is simplified, characters are emphasized, and even when things aren't quite amazing, the setting helps set things apart.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Far Cry 3 was one of those Games I bought in the sale a long Time ago for a few € uro, played for 5 Hours and then stopped touching. At the beginning of 2017 I started to do these "Legacy" issues (and there were only ones) and now it was the third Part of Far Cry and I really have to ask myself why I haven't played this Game before. I had played the two Predecessors and was very disappointed with the second Part. The Landscape was beautiful but empty, the Story relatively long (-wily), but quite boring and the Ending was also disappointing. And the Side Mission (if you want to call it that) was always exactly the same. Far Cry 3 makes all of this significantly better. A fantastic South Sea Island filled with "Life" and there is something to discover and investigate everywhere. Be It Bunker facilities from the 2nd WK, ancient Temples, Caves, Ruins or Radio Towers. A very credible Game world that is fun to explore and exciting. The Same applies to a wide variety of Tasks and Side Missions, all of Which either make sense (succumbed and skinned different animals to make larger Bags for Ammunition, Syringes, Etc.), tell a little story Of his own ("My brutal Husband sells me To his Friends, please help me leave this Island ") or just satisfy the Collection and Exploration Rage (Relics, memory cards, etc.). Everything fits very well around the Main Story, which by the way tells very well until the End, is exciting and full Of Twists and turns. It is far from Getting along with The Witcher 3 or the Mass Effect Triology, but it is loosely Pocketed by the two Paders. I was really excited. The End, too, is both surprising and shocking. Really well done. Character Development is also impressive. Every Skill makes Sense and can often be applied in Practice. The various Melee Abilities motivate Opponents very strongly to approach opponents unnoticed and eliminate them with the different Abilities. The Game very skillfully promotes this Motivation by awarding extra XP for such Actions (E.g. to capture an Outside post without being seen). Overall, I find the Character Development, and how this has a very successful effect on the Game. Absolutely no Comparison to the (visually and technically similar) 2nd Part, where this was practically non-existent. However, Far Cry 3 already has a few Weaknesses. They cloud the Gaming Experience only minimally and selectively, but they should still be mentioned. So it is inexplicable to me that I have to make 1st larger Wallets to carry more Money with me and 2. that the largest Wallet holds no more than 10,000 Toads. It is a Pleasure to succumbed to various Animals for larger ammunition, explosives or Medical Bags, but I think this is pointless for the Purse. If you want to include the Wallet in these Tasks, you could have offered the Player a Kind of Bank where his Assets can deposit or deposit. But it annoys a bit when you can't loot corpses or Boxes, because the Wallet is full and the Game tells you to buy items or make a larger Wallet (even though you already have the largest). Furthermore, Far Cry 3 has unfortunately adopted the stupid Principle with the Arms Dealer, which is nothing more than a Locker in a Safehouse. Here I would have expected a little more Creativity because that doesn't fit the Rest of the Game at all. At least a real Dealer in one of the Bases or the Cities could have brought a lot of Atmosphere here. After All, (some) weapons can now be equipped with Attachments such as Silencers, Reflexvisers, etc., but the Arsenal is very manageable And contributes (due To the lack of licenses of the original Manufacturers such as HK) to a certain involuntary comedy. The Names of the Weapons just read silly. Nevertheless, you can recommend Far Cry 3 unreservedly. The Graphics are no longer at the height of Time, but quite playable and in a good Game anyway side matter. For me, the best Part of the Series so far, let's see if the 4th Part can maintain the Level, doer can even increase.
When i played this game it blewd my mind... FIRST i thinked it will be like far cry 2 which i liked but start was boring but this game was perfect so yeah recomend buying it :D. sorry i no english good xD
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Well, at first, i played it in the Xbox 360, but the disk shredded. Years later i decided to finish the game in PC, and it broke my HDD. Destiny does not want me to finish the goddamn game.
I still want to finish it, but i think that the next thing it will broke it's gonna be my heart.