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BioShock 2 Remastered review
by sad bear

the sound mixing is really bad even after modding, but that was really the only issue i had with this remaster
i'm sure others have had different experiences

this is an unfortunately tame sequel to a game that absolutely did not need it
you don't followup a game with that kind of narrative buildup with something that's very straightfoward and safe

that being said, in almost every other way, this is superior to the first
more streamlined while retaining the immersive sim style approach to how levels look and feel
shooting, plasmids, hacking, pretty much everything feels better
it looks better, too, which is saying a lot considering the first game still looks really fucking good

games don't have to be grandiose and important to be worth while, so i think this is very much worth people's time
but the wow factor of the "would you kindly?" thing is nowhere to be found, and for a lot of people that is always going to be disappointing

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Maybe even more fun than 1, though I was less invested in story. Excellent game. Played on switch.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free I was really hoping not to have to unpack the ' Thumbs down ' cudgel as the bioshock franchise remains one of my All-time favourites. And in Principle, I could recoup my Review of Bioshock 1 Remastered here 1-to-1, as it's Basically just the same Crap that takes the Fun of It. Both Parts were freshly refreshed graphically, but that's all. And if the same Bugs, and some of them serious, which were already present-and known-in the original version, are simply consistently ignored, then it is already a bottomless cheekiness to write ' Remastered ' on it and then demand €20For it. -Yes, I got the Game for free because I already had the Originals in Steam. Good and already so far. Only the Originals were no less buried and for them I wanted. Non-loading Textures are one Thing, you can turn a Blind eye. Even constant Game Crashes can still be blurred somewhere. Then you just come to terms with it, restart the Game and read the last Score ... If there was a Game Balance to Load! Jaa, because here we have the Mother of all Bugs, a real GAMEBREAKER! At a variable Time in the Game, an Infobox in the Game suddenly proudly announces: "The game Level Could not be retrieved." And yes, lo and behold when Opening the Store/Storage menu, there is not a single Game Score left. And it gets even better: If you Close the Game and want to restart it, it ends on its own as soon as you reach the Main Menu. No Chance to somehow get back in. After an eternal long Search on the Net, I found a Solution that helped (At least me) (Win7): C:\Users\NUTZERNAME\Documents\BioshockHD\Bioshock2\SaveGames. Delete The Contents of this Folder. The Savegames are only stored here, but still exist somewhere inaccessible in the Game Files and are automatically rearranged when they are removed from the Folder. So Why delete it? Deleting causes error-hatting-/it to clean up redundant game stand files. Then you should be able to start the Game regularly and load the last Save again. However, this affects some ' collectible achievements ', such as: Master Hacker, All Weapon Upgrades, Research Master, Master Gatherer, Trap Master, Big Spender, Rapture Historian, Look at you Hacker. I did not get this, even though I completed all the Requirements. Interestingly, others, such as Against All Odds and Big Brass Balls, were unaffected. But apart from that, it is not acceptable that such fatal Errors are knowingly left untouched by the Developers and we Players-the Buyers-have to bend their Technique again. After I had restored the Scores and been able to play the Game like that, I still lacked said achievements and Since, as far as that is concerned, I am a hunter-gatherer (a.k.a. Achievementhure) I wanted to ruse the Game again in the Hope that he would not The Scores are killed again and I can get the last Achievements. Pustekes! When I opened the Game menu in between to pause briefly, I could no longer leave it, but had to go load (as if I were in the Main Menu) to continue or Play. That, in turn, led to the Game creaking again at the End of the Charging screen and again letting nothing load. And there was SCHLUSS for me! This is just a Warning, for those who may still want to buy Bioshock and do this Ordeal. The Games are buozed and no Improvement is expected from the Developers. But the Games are just too old and it's easier to earn some crooked euros with a few ' Pseudo-Remastered ' titles and thus disappoint the Fan Base of this actually wonderful Adventure than actually another bit of Work Stuck and at least make the Games playable. Just like that again very scary: BIOSHOCK 1 + 2 both ORIGINAL and REMASTERED NOT a LOT!!! Tip: Try to get the Games somewhere still as a Steam-untethered version, BS1 as PC standalone, BS2 is available outside of Steam, to my knowledge only with Windows LIVE connection, but the two Versions work perfectly with me.