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Pathologic Classic HD review
by Mia Blais-Côté

Ah, Pathologic. This game that totally splits me in half. Its "art-story" side is excellent, but I can't say the same for the "video game" side. The good: The universe, the storyline, and the atmosphere are amazing. I felt really anxious in this city hit by disease. The soundtrack is exquisite, the characters are mysterious and the few voiced passages are good. The average: The dialogue is quite strong in English, and it's abstract and very vivid. This often made it difficult for me to understand everything and you really have to grasp everything to survive in this game. Also, there are a lot of them. So you have to like reading. The bad : The gameplay and the survival aspect. Our character walks slowly from point to point and there's a lot of back and forth. The places in the city all look the same. I had to open the map every minute so I wouldn't take the wrong path. Besides, there is a time limit for the 12 days. We also have to "survive" by managing our health (hunger, fatigue etc), which is not easy when money (and other objects) are hard to find. The fighting system is rotten. I've been massacred many times without being able to throw a single punch to my opponent. Also, the quests, starting on day 2, are not given to you like that. It's up to you to find them, by exploring the city and talking to x number of characters. Tough, with the time limit + health management. To conclude, I'm very mitigated by this game, and it's with regret that I can't recommend it. Its universe may be mysterious and excellent, but the complexity of the dialogues and the survival aspect spoils it.

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Microsoft from Russian
Deep sandbox soaked in substances. Pros: + Real, not shaking depth. You can play all the characters, but never come to a hundred percent conviction about what is happening in the City-on-Gorhoon. + Excellent character study. It is Noteworthy that to different protagonists each Approximate refers in its own way. For example, the same character can help a Bachelor and simultaneously hate the Impostor. + I Want to replay again and again, collecting information on pieces. For Example, the meaning (seemingly meaningless) of the phrases of the Approximate becomes clear after the meeting with the Authorities. + Every Detail works on the atmosphere. Even such inconvenience, as the lack of GPS, looks like a thoughtful developers ent-thanks to what a person with topographic creinism as I have to the 12th day freely oriented without a map. + The Product of its memeity is not inferior to the series "Twin Peaks". After Playing in the "Mor", you will call people as Odonami and offer together to drink Tvirina. Cons:-Remember The old joke about the "World of Doors" masaz? So, in this case, we fall into the horror "World of Fences." Holy Alessa, they're everywhere! Even If you are a frightening size butcher, and behind you runs a crowd of men with knives, you have to culturally bypass the fence height to the waist-instead of just jump over. -No Auto-saves. Did you Miss something important, and last time you saved half a day ago? Let's go all over again. -After adding HD-textures and effects of processing location pleasing to the eye, but the characters it touched a little less than nothing. The Approximate are still on one face and almost do not have similarities with the pictures of the artists, the extras instead of the heads of the eerie balls Sviborg. -White text on a black background can not be read long. -Wildly monotonous gameplay. Between 3 and 11 days the difference is only in the number of rats, the names of protective clothing and medicines. The protagonist moves very slowly: in fact, a heap of real time goes to the run from Point A to Point B. However, the game can be accelerated by the Code Uspeed 2 (the higher the figure, the faster)-useful when you play in the 1001 times, and infected lovers hug Instead of night to O sh m a r A is already perceived as a small obstacle on the way to the goal. -The same music in the menu, playing on the high volume. The Composition is certainly chic, but when it is roaring at EVERY pause, sooner or later the choice arises: to suffer further or to turn off all the music in the game. Verdict: Must play. Of those games that everyone should play for the general development. P.S. All Tvirina.
Can’t find enough words to describe this game. It’s a very atmospheric and deeply psychological experience with a survival horror mechanics in its core. But it affects you more than an ordinary monster shooter. It feels like a real nightmare you can’t forget for several days. If you want to try this game, be sure it’ll impress you. 
«Just one more turn»
The atmosphere of the game and its scary moments are great. However, the core gameplay seems boring to me. The game is split in days, and every round consists of the same actions again and again: you go through locations, search for items and talk to the characters. Sad that it’s meant to be so - there’s nothing else to do here actually. The survival aspect - the necessity to control your stats - is also quite frustrating. Even the combat is not fun. But the worst thing is that with all the amount of time you waste on walking and talking, you progress SO SLOW that you’ll likely abandon this game rather than finish it.