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Princess Sahirah is a Spoiled Brat! review
by Mia Blais-Côté

The + :
 * The game is dubbed. A very rare thing on a rpg maker game.
 * The RPG system is unconventional. The battles give no EXP and almost no gold. You have to find gold and equipment in chest everywhere in the game.

 The neutral :
 * The story is decent, nothing more. "Jack and his friends must save a kidnapped princess and save the world for the same occasion by defeating Roxor.”
 * The "maps" (locations in-game) are also a-ok, but Kalen's houses are much bigger inside than on the outside.

 The - :
 * The dubbing is awful. The characters don't give any emotion and just read their lines. Especially the voice for Princess Sahirah. So, I can't take the story seriously.
 * Since random fights give (almost) nothing, there shouldn't be so many, but in this game it's battle after battle. Unlike in other rpg, there is no option to run away / escape. There is an item that allows you to escape a battle, but they are limited. Either you find one in a chest, or you have to buy one in a shop. Gold is also limited, so you can see the issue.
 * The music, from rpg maker, fits well with the game, but nothing impressive. The other resources (images of the characters, etc) also come from the game engine.
 * The world map seems much too big to go from one location to another.
 * The elementary temples (fire temple etc) to do during the quest. I know it's the “brand” of any rpg, but for me it's been done to death, in so many games.

To conclude, “Princess Sahirah is a Spoiled Brat!” got interesting ideas, but they aren’t implanted well. The failed voice acting and the lot of unescapable random fights takes away my interest in playing it.