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The Shapeshifting Detective review
by Mia Blais-Côté

From the publisher of "The Bunker", here is another FMV game. This time the "gameplay" is more present, but it comes down to questioning everyone, by being Sam or someone else - because they are a shapeshifter -. Since three of the characters can be the killer, and he / she is chosen at random at each new game, I made three playthrough. I had a different killer each time and I obtained different endings. Despite this, I liked it less compared to "The Bunker", but I can't pinpoint why. Is it because of the actors’ performance? Is it due to the fact that the gameplay quickly becomes repetitive? Because of the fact, that in the first playthrough, we can't skip the cutscenes? So, we often see the radio scene and the movement in the guesthouse’ corridor + the scene in the room with Sam’s transformation into another character. Still, the concept is cool, and the story is interesting. So, my experience with this game is very mixed. If you like FMVs of investigation / story with supernatural elements / visual novel, "The Shapeshifting Detective" may be for you. If not, skip it.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Actually, such FMV games only work on the first Pass. Each subsequent Round then becomes badly repetitive, although the Culprit in The Shapeshifting Detective could change «on any Reboot». Why my Enthusiasm is limited is in Places due to the involuntary comedy or Logic of the Game. Here's an Example (with a slight Spoiler): In my second Pass, I deliberately tried to get it all wrong. Hey, that's really hard. Numerous Indications must be ignored, important possible Answers deleted, as well as stupid and nasty Questions and Demands must be asked. In any Case, my Behavior resulted in the police Chief asking me at some point who to arrest. Of course, out of seven possible People, I named all Those who had a clear, absolutely solid Alibi. The Chief shook his Head over so much Stupidity. I then topped that, in which I suggested to the Police chief that he arrest himself. When he refused, too, and to add to my Person's utter Incompetence, I also suggested that he take «me» into Custody. The Chief didn't grasped it. Of the last three People, I then chose the most unrealistic Variant (exposing the actual Perpetrator isn't really hard). Well, so in the End I stood out with another Victim, let the still unknown Perpetrator flee, arrested a young innocent Woman to whom I was dismissive and fies and had done nothing at all to Solve the Case. And what happened? The young innocent Woman fell in love with me for whatever reason. I was the dumbest and most superfluous Detective the World has ever seen and people all congratulated me on my fantastic Work and paid homage to me as if I were Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes in One. Oh yes, the police Chief Was so enthusiastic that he offered me a Job. (Spoiling) Well, don't Worry, the Game really offers an immense Amount of Dialogue opportunities, you're sure to do it differently. Even in the fourth Round, I discovered Something new. The Story itself is more Average, which is probably due to the fact that the Perpetrator can change again and again. Frankly, the Mystery and Sci-fi elements I found endeavor and, in places, weak. The Quality of the Films goes OK. The Actors do their Thing mostly well. Some overdo it with Overacting. In the whole Game, you just sit opposite People, which seems unnatural and irritating and makes everything very static. The Translation has spelling Mistakes again and again (but who am I to complain about it, * hust and turn on your own Doorstep *). Conclusion: The Work is aimed solely at People who like FMV games. The Replay value is given, but rather tough and boring, as you will already know at least 80% of the Dialogues. A Case lasts about one and a half to three Hours and Dialogues cannot be skipped or pre-rewind. The Price seems fair to me. NIGHT: Meanwhile, a Feature has been added that allows you to Skip Scenes. At least after a complete Pass.