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Ping Ping review
by Mia Blais-Côté

Ping Ping is a story / novel disguised as a “game”.
Yes, it’s made with Twine.
Yes, there is no background music, nor images.
Yes, the white text and dark grey background is too small to read.
Yes, there are choices, but most of them don’t change the story.
Yes, there are several endings, but they are abrupt and hard to understand.
Even after I found what I believe is the true ending, I still can’t make head or tails of the plot.
What is Minako? Is she a human or a robot?
Did her dad sexually assault her?
Did Minako die in some endings?
What about her mom? Is she dead? 
So many questions, no answers in sight.
Ping Ping was available on Steam before the developer retired it from sale. Said developer also had the nasty habit to censor “bad criticism” of her “game” by deleting comments on the Greenlight page, in the forums, and by flagging negative reviews.
That’s a red flag for me. Skip this game.
«I could make it better»
«Reviewers bribed»