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Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom review
by Mia Blais-Côté

The + * Still as beautiful artistically as in the first Ni No Kuni. I feel good Ghibli vibes there. * The characters are endearing. * The hack'n'slash fighting system is much better than the one in the first game. * Less "grinding" needed to progress. * The tutorial is much better compared to Ni No Kuni 1. It's short and you can quickly get into the adventure. The - * The story. I loved the one from the first game, but the one from Ni No Kuni 2 is meh. So much meh, that I don't feel like continuing to play. I'm now in chapter 4, the quest for the flaming rose. * The mini-games integrated into the main quest. I like the one where you manage the kingdom, but not the one of the "armies fighting each other for territory", and since you must do it often to progress in-game... In the end, as with the first game, I had a mixed experience. I still recommend it, because its "gameplay" is better than the first game, and Ghibli's "touch" is sublime.

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Honestly i love the artwork this game has to offer, the character models and world map are decent. But other than that its a very slow paced, clunky experience with little to no interesting story. 5% of the game has voice acting and the dialog between the characters have no depth. People turn from evil ways to the good side far too easily, which leaves storytelling to nonexistence because its all about recruiting people to your kingdom and have everyone be friends, which just is kinda boring.

Battle mode is way too quick and never need to use strategy and i absolutely did not enjoy the endless back and forth along with skirmishes which i though was the worst part about this game. First 3 chapters of the game were really interesting and this game had a LOT of potential to begin with.
«Waste of time»
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is a game that feels made for children. The themes and pacing feels right at home with Studio Ghibli films and works, but is out of place in a game with this degree of mechanical complexity.

 My memory of Revenant Kingdom is fuzzy, so this review is written largely from an incomplete memory. Revenant Kingdom's story was presented very well, fully voice-acted with quality animations and even some specially animated "anime" cutscenes. There's a varied cast of characters (each of them playable with their own style of gameplay), with equally varied quality of voice acting and writing. Some characters are shallow and 1-Dimensional, others experience radical changes throughout the story. Some characters have decent voice acting talent, others sound like literal children who have never done voice-work before. I enjoyed Lofty, but hated Evan, for example. Combined with several awkward time-jumps, I was never able to get fully invested in Revenant Kingdom's story.

 In terms of gameplay, though, Revenant Kingdom is actually pretty solid. Its combat is reminiscent of the "Tales of" Series (with significantly less complexity), featuring hack-and-slash RPG party-based gameplay. Each character has a fairly unique playstyle, supporting casters and physical attackers equally well. It also features a separate "warfare" mechanic where you command squads of soldiers recruited from various kingdoms in order to expand and defend your own. It wasn't awful, but it lacked depth. Then there's the city-builder gameplay, which bore resemblance to a mobile game. Resources are accrued in real-time, which can stall your progress if you're playing through the game quickly. Besides that, the city-builder was implemented surprisingly well, integrating itself into all aspects of the gameplay and story. I became fairly invested in the well-being of my city throughout my adventure.

 The world is very well put together, building off the solid base in the first Ni No Kuni. The Studio Ghibli style remains visually pleasing, and it's more technically impressive than the original. There's plenty to explore, but not all of it is very rewarding. There's tons of eye-candy present throughout the main story, so that helped retain my attention.

 If you're a fan of JRPG's, Studio Ghibli works, or the original Ni No Kuni, Revenant Kingdom is a solid buy, especially so at a discount. Don't expect a very mature story, crank up the difficulty, and enjoy the gameplay systems they've put together.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I played through the Game completely, but my Playing Time is not a Sign of the length of the Game. Because it often ran in the Background for Hours, because of the City System. The Game lasts about 25 to 35 Hours depending on how much you put into the Side Mission, which unfortunately have 0815 Design. In the Game one is Often Forced to have a certain Building or City Level in order to get on with the Story. So Opinal is not some things after all and is Game time stretching. We get straight to the obvious Point, this Game is not an AAA Game in effort. It is all Clever Cities Consist of a few Alleyways that simply lead directly to the large Castle. Cities can hardly be called this if only a few Places are located where what Can Be Used. Only if it has to do with the Main Story and this simply affects low budget. Just as Caves, Forests were always built with the same Level Pieces and do not even express many Fairations. So that after a few Hours you already notice this, just as Monster falls a lot. Simply Change colors and thus the Element does not make many Of a few Monsters. The Voiceover is so little that it is no longer In time and even there you only have English or Japanese in 2018. That would be ok for a 30 Euro Indy Project but not for a 60 Euro Game. Then the German translation, so this is really a strong Piece, you have little Translation but done your own Thing. Now to the Main Negative Point of Difficulty! Now times in the serious you can't give the Game a high Rating because it's so simple the Button Mashing is enough. There's zero Challenge in there, the only one there is Opponents who are 15 To 20 levels above one. Because then you don't do any Damage but the Opponent hosts an Oneshote. Well and the Ki is then only a Load, but in the Story basically doesn't matter what Level the Opponent has. There it is significantly weakened and 20 Levels are not a Problem there. In Battles on the World Map, however, it is already due to damage Reductions and increased Damage. The Problem is that it is so simple that all The Uprides of Spells etc. practically don't Matter at all. Because you don't need them and if there is no challenge, there is a quick boredom. I think so that the Fun depends a lot on how much Experience and Skill you have in Games. Those who play above average will be underwhelmed very quickly and will get bored. The Target Group is clearly Casual Gamers, you could have made so much of the Combat System, but you don't have anything. I believe that Game has suffered a lot under low budget because Balancing is a long Process. Which would have taken Time and therefore Money and you just notice the Game that you weren't in THE AAA Area. To the Story that is Taste Thing and unfortunately quite visible, but shows how you can deviate from Blunting well against Evil. The End of the Game is Thankfully the best Part in all Points. Technically, the Game has been made clear for PS4 and the Requirements on the PC are too high for the Bid. Japanese Developer for which is the PC, even still New Territory. You just notice there's little Opt-aging in it for the PC as Opposed to the PS4. Although the PC is the best Version, errors such as False Hz Numbers on Monitorn is not possible. 72 Hz Fresco capt the Game, at 66 Fps normal 72 Since has probably charged who. Actually, the Graphics would have to run loosely on any Average GPU in 4K At 60 Fps. Only you need the least of them a 1070 for it and that's just bad Optmated. The PS4 pro even gets to 1800p and a 1060 6GB is significantly faster than an Xbox X GPU. I would give me a Rating it would be a 73%. However, You can only vote ' yes ' or ' no ', so I have to vote ' Yes ' after the Directive. But 40 Euros say no about this and with a clear Perception that it is very simple and Linare'S hose has design. RPG light would be the right Name here, waiting for a Sale or buying it from a Keyshop of your Trust.
Five Word Review: Beautiful game but weak story.
Favorite Thing: The art style is really great.
Least Favorite Thing: The story is weak; nothing interesting or consequential happens until the very end. Regicide? Forgiven. Unleashing a great evil on the world and committing (attempted) mass murder? Don't worry about it!

Date Completed: 2018-05-29
Playtime: ~ 40h
Enjoyment: 5/10
Recommendation: No. The story makes this a game I would only recommend to a child (because they like silly things).
The game is awesome at first glance - it’s beautiful, well-animated, has nice fighting mechanics and so on. But in some time I felt that I could do nothing at all - and my AI teammates would kill all the enemies for me. I mean the game is really too easy! It just doesn’t have any challenge: every new level upgrades you but not your opponents. So the process quickly becomes boring. Ni no Kuni II simply lacks the balance. Don’t waste your money if you want a good challenging game.
The game looks just like the finished product needs to. No bugs, no unnecessary elements, great level design. Add here amazing visuals, animations and awesome sound and you’ll get a gorgeous game in every aspect. Hope, sales will support my opinion. Ni no Kuni II really deserves its money - I don’t remember other games that paid so much attention to the details in a while.