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Azur Lane: Crosswave review
by Mia Blais-Côté

I don't know the mobile game Azur Lane, but since it's by Compile Heart and Idea Factory, and I'm a Neptunia fan, I thought it would be a good casual game with a visual novel story as "lore", as background. What a mistake.
 You got 90% VN, 10% gameplay. Neptunia, for example, has more gameplay than that. The visual novel aspect is disappointing. A story that doesn't fly high and a lot of fluffy scenes that don't add anything of value. So I skipped almost everything to concentrate on the gameplay.
 As it's only 10% of the whole game, in 4 hours I had everything done (final boss beaten!).
It's always the same missions, very repetitive and short.
"Avoid enemy fire and duck them until they die." Right. That sucks.
 I feel like I've been burning through my money for nothing.
 Plus, when it came out, there was a mistake on the prices on Steam and those who bought a bundle early could get everything cheaper than those who pre-ordered the game. Being fast, I got that famous bundle, so I saved a few dollars, but I'm still bored to death with this game.
 Not recommended, unless...
 1. Wait for a bigger discount.
 2. Be a big fan of Azur Lane, and, again, the missions aren't as intense as in the mobile game (according to a gameplay video I saw).
 Also, it's unplayable with keyboard and mouse. Having a controller is a "must".