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XP Girls review
by Mia Blais-Côté

XP Girls has disappointed me. Great Hero's Beard and Ultra Savage are much better games from OneShark. Great Hero's Beard has a hero with a certain charisma and a simple quest: "save the princesses". Ultra Savage has a Dragon Ball style scenario, not much deep but better than Great Hero's Beard, a badass hero and more variety for the fights. XP Girls has sexy heroines. Ok, but no scenario, except "kill all the monsters and get more girls". You can have 3 characters in battle at the same time, but no special abilities to use during battles, like in Great Hero's Beard and Ultra Savage. It all does it all by itself. No strategy on the part of the player. Very repetitive levels. Music meh. Heroes don't change costumes according to their equipment, whereas heroes in previous games have costumes. I feel like I'm playing a worse version of Great Hero's Beard and Ultra Savage. That's a shame. Still, it's still a nice "casual and passive" game, but compared to other developers' products, XP Girls is disappointing.