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Whispering Flames review
by Mia Blais-Côté

The plusses: *Nice pictures and music.
 *Interesting story, although it's not very "deep".
 The neutral: *Short story, although it dosent drag for too long.
 *Semi-linear. There's only one choice to decide the end. Both ends are happy.
 The - : *The designs of our two characters. The story is supposed to take place in a medieval/fantasy world, but Prince Neoth looks like a modern teenager and the girl (Kareena) looks like a student with her short skirt. She talks about a "school", but at least the story has a good explanation for her "look".
 *As the story is not very deep, we know nothing (or almost nothing) about the world and, as we only follow Neoth and Kareena, we know nothing about, for example, the prince's family, how he received his powers over the flames, etc.