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BRG's Alice in Wonderland Visual Novel review
by Mia Blais-Côté

Another visual novel adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Compare it to "Book Series - Alice in Wonderland". BRG'S Alice in Wonderland has an easier to read font, images closer to the story (non manga and no characters are sexualized and humanized/feminized for animals, like the white rabbit), and more enjoyable music. BRG'S AiW also has full dubbing (narration and characters). BRG'S AiW was designed with Visual Novel Maker. Unfortunately, as with "Book Series - Alice in Wonderland", made with Tyranobuilder, there are engine issues in the game. I've had several crashes and the images glitching when I wanted to skip some text. Still, the visual story is playable. BRG'S AiW is available in French, like Book Series - AiW, but it's a partial translation, because the characters keep the English names. The game interface is not translated either. To conclude, despite the glitches I had, I recommend BRG'S AiW as the best visual story of Alice's Tale available on Steam. Easy to achieve 100%. Go for it!