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Black Mirror (2017) review
by Mia Blais-Côté

What's this reboot of the Black Mirror trilogy worth? Modern graphics, certainly, but a poor soundtrack, a story that's anything but horrifying, and a game of insulting simplicity for fans of point and click. Farewell, the search for objects in every corner and puzzles to make you think. The few puzzles in Black Mirror are very easy. The rest of the time, you just walk around, pick up an object, and do QTEs. I almost completed Chapter 4 (of the 5) before giving up, I was so bored with this game. Besides, this Black Mirror has nothing to do with the original trilogy, except the name "Gordon", an old castle and a family curse (which is not the same at all between the trilogy and the reboot). David ≠ Samuel from Black Mirror 1 and Darren in BM 2 and 3