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Tales of Berseria review
by Mia Blais-Côté

This game is awesome! Since it happens in the same universe as Tales of Zestiria, comparisons are in order. * A dark scenario and 10x better than Tales of Zestiria. * A "real" big world to explore, unlike Tales of Zestiria. * Lots of cool Katz games and side quests. * Our team (the main characters) are great. * Velvet's a real badas-s and having a female main character makes a nice change. * There are references to Tales of Zestiria but you don't have to play it to get started with Tales of Berseria. * Very good life span. I finished it in less than 30 hours, but it was only the main story. I still have bonus quests to do and side locations to explore. * A far better fighting system than the Tales of Zestiria, though "chaotic" at times. * Unlike Tales of Zestiria, we can control who we want in battle and on the world map! In short, my best Tales of game, along with Tales of Symphonia

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This one at least has waifus.
Tales of Berseria is, in my opinion, the strongest entry of the series. The combat system is extremely refined, the voice actors are all incredibly good, the story is paced well, the characters are believable and lovable, and the music and 2D animation exceed expectations of a videogame. Above all, the darker tone, at times feeling like you're playing the villains of the story, is what makes Berseria's themes land so well. 
Tales of Mediocrity.
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After about 15 Hours Of playing, I thought about what I could write in a Review. So I try it. One way in advance: Tales of Berseria without Playing History prior Knowledge of Tales of Zestiria is Nonsense. Better still after the Tales of Zestiria the X-Anime. Mini Poiler: Tales of Berseria is a Prequel to Tales of Zestiria. Many Of the Frages that you have at The End of Zestiria are answered in the Course of Berseria. My Conclusion (without Spoilers): All in all (for me) the better Zestiria. -Story more captivating and touching-Motivations of Characters more comprehensible-I liked the English Synchro better than the O-Ton-At the Soundtrack they dressed again (in my Opinion)-The Combat System was also updated again, motivated to Fight to the End-Trifles criticized in Zestiria have been improved, be it the Item Upgrade System or the Geoboard for faster Locomotion, etc. I can only recommend it. For me, the JRPG series with the most fun And long-motivating Combat system. The Story hardly lets up until the End, and you want to know how to proceed, and the Soundtrack to the Game can be put on the Shelf at any time. 50-100 Hours of Entertainment guaranteed, depending on the Style of play. My Conclusion (with Spoiler): If you only Play through Zestiria, you have a lot of Questions. Watching The Anime and playing Berseria answers a Lot, of course not everything. ToZ was black and white, Good versus Evil, Sorey the Shepherd, against Heldalf the Lord of Calamity. ToB, however, has several Shades of Grey. Here it is more: Questionable Views against Yet more Questionable Views. The Mindset of the 6 Antagonists remains a Mystery until defeated. Only at the End is it openly stated for the first time: Humanity must be oppressed (by Innominate) because it is full of Sin. The Antagonists see themselves as the Saviours of Humanity, even if this Oppression no longer makes life worth living. That was done very well here. Questions that had been had at the Beginning are actually answered completely to the End, all Sidequests make provided. The End runs out the same as in Zestiria, the Protagonist seals himself together with the Antagonist, so that he can no longer harm the World. At Zestiria, in The End, all you thought to is: Wtf? One wonders that it was so suddenly over. It was a depressing Ending. At Berseria you are touched in the End, but it is not a bad End. On the contrary. Velvet and Laphicet are together forever after being separated for an entire Game. I'm not a particularly emotional Person, but when the Credits ran with the alternative Story Progression, I had some damp Eyes after all. The Laphicetcomo No.2) becomes Martel at The End, so no one could have expected that. Personally, I Just thought well done. The Tales of Xillia Cameos by Jude and Milla were also unexpected and good. < 3 It's definitely one of the better Tales Stories, and I hope anime technically comes even more than the two Cameo episodes in Tales of Zestiria the X. Velvet is not the typical naïve Stereotype as in some other Tales games. Would be nice to see that again in Anime Form. Much of What was actually missing in Zestiria was only deepened in the Anime, Keyword Alicia and Rose's Backstory, which was really missing from the Game itself.