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Loren The Amazon Princess review
by Mia Blais-Côté

Loren the Amazon Princess is an excellent Visual Novel/RPG, with several variations for its ending + the option to choose a hero (Saren) or a heroine (Elenor) + optional romances + well-balanced RPG combat. Recommended.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
On an epic Journey When I'd found the Game in my Library, I was skeptical at first, as I can't do much with "Novellas," which seems to be the Game at first glance. But these Doubts then evaporated quite quickly. Gameplay Loren The Amazon Princess offers a very good Mix of a Novella and a typical "epic" RPG. We always see the talking Characters as a Portrait in front of us and are allowed to choose between a friendly, funny or "serious" (aggressive) Response in the Dialogues. By the Way, you can often make quite important Decisions that determine the further course of the Game. The Fights came a little short in the Game, because this is a rather interesting Combat System. We can play a maximum of 6 vs 6, with a front row and a back Row. On the right, we will always see who is next. Outside of combat, you can then level, with each Character having an upper Class (Magician, Warrior And Thief) and a specific one of his own. In Cities you can then also buy additional Equipment or secure Discounts through smaller Exploits. However, I never needed this, as the Game is relatively light on the Level of difficulty "means." As an important Point, there is the World Map where we can travel to certain Points to come to certain Traders or train something. Away from the Story, you can also get personal Quests for each Member in the Camp. Story We can choose from two Protagonists at the Beginning: Saren and Elenor. Saren is a male Slave and Elenor An Elfic Servant. At the Beginning we leave the City of The Amazons with Loren, the Princess, to find the missing Queen. Since this is a typical RPG Story, we will of course still be involved in a War and we will have to save the World. I don't want to reveal any more, but the Story was very well and beautifully thought out, if a little obvious. But the Dialogues make up the Fun Of the Game. For the Selection Of the Character alone leads to other Dialogues, since as a male Slave one is regarded something from "above." You can make many important Decisions in the Course of the Story and in addition, you can talk to the People in the Camp and enter into a very nice Romance With one of six Characters people. This Romance is also not somehow simplistic attached, but it develops in several Cut-scenes and there can also be Jealousy when you "dredge up" several People. Graphic/Sound The Graphics are kept simple because it is a Novella. A simple Background and the Characters occasionally show a few Facial Features. By The Way, the Steam Version is a little cut, as the female Characters probably looked a bit more "permissive" in other Versions. I don't really understand this Censorship, as the Characters still show more than enough Skin. The Music is beautifully melodic and offers a typical adventurous Accompaniment to history. Verdict Loren The Amazon Princess offers an epic story Line in which we as Players have plenty of Room for Manoeuvre and Decision-making Freedoms. Exactly these many Possibilities provide a high Replay value. In addition, with a good 12 Hours Of play, the Game is also relatively long for a Story. For all Fantasy and RPG Fans, I give a clear Buy recommendation here. Did the Review help you? Then follow me in my Steam Group, where I write my Reviews as a Curator.