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Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade review
by Mia Blais-Côté

This game, in 5 episodes, half visual novel and half point-and-click, has the merit of being very original. First of all, its scenario skillfully mixes mystery, horror, and a bit of steampunk. Then, his graphics have a rather unique style, but that won't please everyone. Finally, his characters are really endearing. At first, the game had some serious bugs, but they had been fixed. Recommended.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
History is the best teacher who has the worst students. I Think it is unlikely for someone to be a revelation that the main components of any good game in the genre of "Visual Novella" in the first place are history and variability. They are the main criteria on which such games are evaluated first. How interesting is the story? Can I change it? How Many ways are there? As a rule, if in the history of something that is not enough, the plot ceases to amaze, and the player suddenly realizes that his actions do not affect what is happening, the interest in such a game will invariably fade. And the turn, if the plot is all right, and the "heavy" solutions in quotation marks do not need, the game can definitely count on success. After passing the game Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade I can confidently state that it certainly belongs to the second category, but unfortunately not to the end. This is a very interesting, eventful and unexpected plot twists game, which, unfortunately, befell a very sad fate. She's little known. This is a vivid example of how an unusual and real quality product is lost in the vortex of the gambler being too far from the audience able to appreciate it. And See, believe me, there's something. The Path is 10 years. History tells about the life of the young aristocrat Oliver Vertron. He grew up in a gloomy, epidemic-ridden world. This epidemic, the Decada... A terrible phenomenon that lasts 10 years taking the lives of millions. It is not exposed only to aristocrats, which belongs to our hero. The Day it started, our hero's life changed. His mother was murdered, and he himself was on the tutelage of a wealthy aristocrat from the genus Orwoods. After a long 10 years, a few days before the end of the Decade, Oliver finds evidence that will punish his mother's murderer. But What if there is a powerful family behind the offender, you are suspected of murder, and the killer of the mother unexpectedly turns out to be the closest person for you? These and many other problems are to be solved by our hero. We will face Demons, ancient curses, behind the scenes intrigues and open the veil of eerie mysteries seemingly erased from the pages of history. The Way, paved with bones, the Tense and atmospheric history of Leviathane captures literally from the first minutes. Well-written and incredibly charismatic characters, to make an unambiguous opinion about which is simply not possible. Mysterious stories, interesting places and unexpected events. All this and much more literally picks up and does not let go from the beginning to the final credits. Our decisions Change This world, its heroes and their relationship to us. The hero is also Changing. The Fine line between good and evil is erased... And these notions are spread out forming a unique and unique history of this world. Leviathan: The Last Day of The Decade is undoubtedly a magnificent creation of Lostwood, which I advise everyone and everyone. In this gloomy and truly interesting story, everyone will find something new. And certainly will be satisfied with the seen. This is your story. And How it ends depends only on you. My Score Game: 9/10 points.