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Revelations: Persona review
by rawgdawg

I feel like this is a good game with an atrocious port. Not only because a huge portion of the game is removed in the American release, but the line translation is sloppy too. This seems minor, but as a jrpg text is a big part of the experience. When item names and line meanings are obfuscated by poor translation, you basically have to do outside research to figure out what's going on. I feel missed a lot of the nuance in the game and did not maximize combat mechanisms. I got through alright because the US release was also made quite easy, but I definitely wasn't playing optimally. I could have done more research to figure out the systems, but I honestly didn't feel like it. I don't think this diminishes the credibility of my review, however, because I did my best with what the game gave me. Ultimately, I'd pass on this, at least as it was released in '96 in the west.