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Idle Miner Tycoon review
by Idle Miner Tycoon

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Five Stars because it's an entertaining Game that I always like to play. With the new Continents it has got even better, the super managers are a great Innovation and over-there are many Opportunities to play this Game. BUT: The Videos you can watch for Bonuses fall partly from and yesterday I was Unlucky that I could no longer load my old Game Stand. I already had two Sectors on the second Continent and on the Mainland the fourth Mine was almost complete. Not to mention Prestige on the first Continent. So I started again and I'm certainly not going to watch any more Promotional Films. Now I will need a little longer, but the five Stars remain anyway, because it is just Fun!
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Microsoft from French
This free game is perfectly balanced. It is possible to pay to go faster but it is really not obliged and it is possible to have benefits only by looking at pubs but it is not obliged. In addition, we often earn a bit of pay money, which allows us to save access to the whole game. In addition, the game knows how to make itself addictive but not too much because it will continue to generate money on its own, certainly less quickly not obliged once again to remain to play to evolve. So thank you to the developers who have been able to perfect the advertising, the purchase and the jouabilite. This is going to be more than a month since I play it every day (1h Max accumulated per day) and I have not disbursed any cents but I watched a hundred videos of pubs (< 30s).
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Microsoft from Italian
The game is beautiful However I have some problems lately that I would like to explain to find a solution.. I state that I keep it always updated because I really like it. Game with an iPhone 6 Plus with IOS software 12.1.4 Has always gone well but in recent months I suddenly closes and so many times I "scrub" the rewards earned with shipments 🤨😫 Other thing that happens that I want to get into a mine, but while charging comes out of the app! This Morning For example I can not enter the Evento😡 goes well! If you can solve my problem because I love your game 😊 I would be grateful... Thank you very much. Roberta Hello, thank you for your review! We would love to help you further and address your concerns, but we will need some more information first. Please Email us at [email protected] so we can see how best to help you!