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Madden NFL 21 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

MUT Concise Review:

Should be fucking better. Still fun if you haven’t played the mode for a few years.

Journal Style Review:

I’m playing MUT. I’m in the mood. 

The menus suck. Not only are they confusing and bland but they also are slow and glitchy. It takes forever to open card packs. If you are going to make the same game year after year idk why you can’t have crisp optimized menus.

I do like the basic idea of MUT. Beating challenges and making a better team. It doesn’t seem like they have made any improvements since 2015, the last time I played MUT.

Gameplay feels the same so far. 

This game should be so much better than it is. The challenges have been repetitive and pretty lame so far. My favourite part of the game is buying new players at the auction house and trying to get deals on good Seahawks players. I don’t know how much time I’ll put into this game. Once I get my 95 DK WR and my 94 DK SS then I’ll probably be close to done with it. But maybe it gets better. Maybe I get hooked.

The clip art graphics and art style is abysmal. And I’m still getting frustrated with how slow the menus are for a game that has a ton of time in the menus.

I need to say it one last time. It’s way too slow opening card packs and traversing the menus. That being said, I like football and I like the idea of creating my own team how I want. My team is coming together nicely. Can’t wait till I get DK.

I like the companion app. I like being able to buy and sell cards using the app. It’s still not great but it’s way easier to use than the in game option. I am having fun with this game even though it should be way better than it is. I really do think I get more enjoyment out of making my team and trying to auction players for cheap than actually playing the challenges.

A lot of the challenges aren’t very well thought out. Some are easy to cheese. 

Got my DK WR and SS. He’s so good. My team is actually pretty stacked already, 90 OVR. I’ve been enjoying playing this game in short bursts specially. It’s nice having a game that’s easy to play for 10 to 30 mins.

The challenges have become so easy that it isn’t fun anymore. I need to find harder ones. My team is too overpowered so I just crush the computers. I tried to play online but can’t find games. 

Final Score: B

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